Jeff Van Gundy describes choking in a shot with Jodie Foster


Jeff Van Gundy blew his shot with Jodie Foster so badly that he failed to even impress.

During a recent exhibition On the “Dave Pasch Podcast” Van Gundy recalled a time when he and Foster were freshmen at Yale. The former Knicks head coach recalled that in his first year at New Haven, he and his 11 other men at Freshman Dorm pledged $ 100 per pot and those who had a first date with Foster would take home $ 1,200.

Van Gundy said that one day he was standing outside a popcorn stall with a particularly pleasant aroma, about half a dozen sirens.

“As the last one clears me, the voice behind me says, ‘The boy who smells the popcorn.’ I turn around because I’m the only one there. ‘Yeah it smells amazing.’ I turn and it’s Jodie Foster, ”Van Gundy said on Pasch’s podcast.

Unfortunately for Van Gundy, his moment with Foster burst into fireworks.

Jeff Van Gundy recently recalled how he missed a chance to ask Jodie Foster on his Yale days.
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“Instead of saying, someone with a bit of sobriety would be like, ‘Yeah it smells good, do you want some?’ – I had $ 1,200, plus I could get to know Jodie Foster – I was totally choking, and I’m not kidding, I turned around and said ‘yes’ and then back through the gate and back to my room, “he added.

Van Gundy transferred to junior college after his freshman year. When Foster was asked about the Yale rendezvous in 2019, he added, more shame was added to the injury. By Rich Eisen. The two-time Oscar winner never remembered Van Gundy.

If their paths cross again in a future Lakers game, Van Gundy told Pasch he would contact Foster and request the $ 1,200 he once lost.



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