Jelina Vega shows off a sweet new Naruto tattoo


Jelina Vega is going to the Crown Jewel to battle for the Queen’s crown. This is a historic match for the WWE, no matter who wins, but is looking to fly to the United States as a Vega Winner. She has a new tattoo on her hand.

Previously, we described the way Pokemon tattooed on her sleeve. It’s not the only anime reference she has on her body, and she’s happy to show it off.

While posing for some photos to hype her upcoming Queen’s Crown match, Jelina Vega revealed that she has some new ink. Most fans may miss the big reveal because she put it at the end of the slide show Instagram post, but the caption suggested she show off any new ink.

Next step, final.
The Crown would be mine.

Swipe up till the end to see my new tattoo …

Vega had a tattoo of “Naruto” character Neji Huga on her hands. This is a remarkable image and definitely a well done tattoo. Ellena Vega’s body seems to be filled with tattoos, but she has a world to go before her husband, Malakai Black, is caught.

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