JESSE WATERS: Biden’s boycott of the border means he won’t do anything about the crisis for the rest of his presidency

Fox News host Jesse Watters urged President Biden not to stop at the border to solve the crisis on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

JESSE WATERS: Bringing manufacturing back to America is good, but Biden’s trip to Arizona today is pure politics. It’s a ribbon-cutting ceremony for an unbuilt factory. He’s just driving headlines on the battlefield and patting himself on the back to get the CHIPS score. No wonder. It’s part of the game. Both sides do. But why wouldn’t he be after he burns jet fuel to fly across the country? stop at the border?


Customs and Border Protection agents in the US state of Arizona arrested at least three US citizens accused of human smuggling over the weekend.
(US Customs and Border Protection)

More important things.” Is taking pictures at a construction site more important than meeting border agents? More important than showing the cartels who’s boss? More important than seeing holes in the southern border? He could send Kamala to the factory. Or he could jump in His helicopter. Phoenix is ​​only 100 miles from the border. away. He could be there in less than an hour. That’s about the distance he drives from DC to his home on the Delaware shore. You know, the house you’re building. He’s happy to travel two or three times a week.

Biden left Arizona at 14:00 local time. He could hang on for an extra hour or two. Biden always complained that he didn’t have time to go to the border, remember?

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