JESSE WATERS: New York Times Writers Are Losing Money And Greedy Executives Don’t Care

Fox News host Jesse Watters called The New York Times and its executives “greedy” for not giving their employees a raise after two years on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

JESSE WATERS: We are seeing the demise of an institution that has dominated America for over 150 years. Meanwhile, there is a riot at The New York Times headquarters. More than a thousand New York Times staff they walked out of the building today, striking back against what they call abusive and disrespectful contract negotiations.

Workers want more cash, at least a 10% pay rise to keep up with what they call Putin’s price hikes, which is strange because these are the same people who told us we shouldn’t worry about inflation, and they’re calling the “Biden economy historic” The economy has been good for the bosses of The Times. The newspaper has added millions of subscribers and distributed huge bonuses to the best brass. Now the workers want to share the wealth, but greedy executives This is reported by The New York Times, ‘Excuse me, farmer, this money is mine.’ The Times, which is swimming in profits, is leaving its reporters in the lurch in the run-up to Christmas.

New York Times Workers Strike Against Labor Strike: ‘Fighting for Fair Contract’

A New York Times employee pickets in Manhattan on December 8, 2022.

The New York Times has not given its employees a raise in two years. This is the same company that savages corporate America for not raising wages and writes editorials calling for minimum wage increases, but Joe Biden’s economy – The New York Times writers are losing money and The New York Times doesn’t care. – it’s all about money.

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