JESSE WATTERS: Democrats are dumping Kamala

Fox News host Jesse Waters takes a look at President Biden’s potential 2024 vice presidential nominees if he’s not re-elected on “Jesse Waters Primetime” with Kamala Harris.

Jess Waters: Democrats in the media seem to be working to remove Kamala from the ticket. On Friday, Liz Warren, out of nowhere, suggested that Biden might swap Harris for someone else he’s more comfortable with.

Primetime thought it was a one-off until the media agreed with Warren. The Washington Post assigned a reporter to talk to Democratic officials around the country. The reporter asked if Kamala can be the president. ‘I like him as a person,’ said the Democrat. I love that she is a black woman. But no way, Jose.’ An anonymous Democrat said: “Every fiber of my being wants him to be president. Everything I’ve fought for is for him. Someone like him to be president. I think she is a good person with a good heart who can lead the country. But I don’t know that people who have to do that feel that way right now. I don’t know what it takes to get over the hump in our current environment.”

Vice President Kamala Harris waves as she leaves after addressing the Tribal Nations Summit in the South Court Auditorium on the White House campus, Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2021, in Washington.
(AP Photo/Patrick Simansky)

Why is the Washington Post publishing this story now? A few days after Pocahontas fired the first shot? It sounds coherent, and it is. Biden is the oldest president in US history, making Kamala the winner. News just broke that Joe Biden has skipped his 2022 physical. And when the oldest president in the country’s history leaves his physical condition, hides it, Catches COVID twice.breaks his foot chasing his dog, falls off his bike and falls down stairs and needs notes that say, ‘Hi, I’m Joe Biden…’ Democrats Anything Not taking it for granted.

Biden said he would “probably run again. God willing.” But God does not choose our president. The FBI does. And the FBI can bite Biden whenever it wants. The FBI put Biden in the White House and they can take him out. He is delving into secret documents. He has a special counsel, a U.S. attorney in Delaware and House Republicans after family money. We already know the FBI has wiretaps of the Biden family talking to Chinese spies.

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