Jets coach Robert Saleh doesn’t get angry: ‘These are grown men’


LOVEBYLIFEBOROUGH, Mass. – Robert Saleh is proud of being positive.

It’s hard to do that after the 54-13 shelving the Jets took on Sunday from the Patriots. But don’t expect Saleh to start knocking tables and screaming at his players. That’s not his style. Asked if he thinks his team should back off after Sunday’s show, Saleh said no.

“These are grown men. They are,” Saleh said. “In this league, I refuse to believe otherwise. These men play with their tails. They go to work, and they have so much pride. There is a lot of pride in the locker room. There is a lot of pride throughout the NFL [what] They’re putting tape, they’re showing out, trying to play with each other. Their team members are family.

“There are a lot of reasons why people appear. If you need someone, in my opinion, you feel the urge to play a child in a king’s ransom. You don’t deserve to wear a logo and period. I know, we’ve got a good character. You get yours [expletive] – Forgive my language – you grit your teeth.

The Jets gritted their teeth on Sunday, and Saleh now has to find some answers before he topples down the toilet this season. Don’t expect them to come into the meeting room shouting Monday.

Robert Saleh

The Patriots were calling deep passes on the jets, though they were close to 30 points in the fourth quarter. But none of the jets said there was any problem with Bill Belichick being late.

“This is the NFL,” Jets safety Marcus May said. “Nobody will regret you. You have to find a way to get the ball down.

The Jets started a three-and-out game after talking about starting the fastest bye week. Instead, he ran the ball twice and then fired Ach Wax Wilson and returned to the Jets’ defense.

“The little details we are missing are hurting us,” Morgan Moses said.

Elijah Moore scored his first NFL touchdown in the third quarter with 19 yards passing. … LB Jamian Sherwood (ankle), LB Quincy Williams (concussion) and LB Blake Cashman (groin) all left the game. The Jets were already thin with CJ Mosley, and the Jets were playing backups late in the game. RB LaMechemic Perrin was active for the first time this season but didn’t have a carry. … The 551-yard jets from the Patriots are the highest allowed since September 6, 1998, featuring Garrison Hurst’s game-winning run over the 49ers 557 in overtime. It was the ninth-most yards allowed by the Jets.



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