Jets return Zach Wilson as Joe Flacco, Mike White joins COVID


Zach Wilson will start for the Jets against the Texans in Houston on Sunday.

That was expected.

Unexpectedly, backup quarterbacks Joe Flacco and Mike White were placed on the COVID-19 list on Tuesday, believed to be in close contact with anyone who has tested the virus or tested positive for it.

Flacco has not been vaccinated, which means he has to lose 10 days if tested positive. Vaccinated White may return in less than 10 days if there are two negative tests within 24 hours.

Wilson, who missed the last four games with a cruciate ligament injury to his right knee, was allowed to play medically on Tuesday, according to the Jets.

If Flacco or White are not available for the game, Josh Johnson will serve as their backup, meaning Johnson will need to be signed by the practice squad again.

According to Jets coach Robert Saleh, the only remaining barrier to clearing the 22-year-old Wilson was his own confidence in planting, pivoting and running on the knee. Wilson has been practicing with the scout team for the past two weeks and over the past two Sundays, he has done some tough pre-game workouts and is looking strong.

“We’re going to make sure we protect this young man,” Saleh said Monday. “So, when he is perfectly healthy and he thinks there are no limits to his ability to play football or he doesn’t think of that knee, we take him there. But he must be 100 percent healthy before we can get him out on the football field.

Zach Wilson will start for the Jets at quarterback on Sunday.
USA Today Sports

“He’s being evaluated. We get him through another [Tuesday] And from there we will be able to evaluate him and then we will be able to make a decision on Wednesday morning.

The decision was made on Tuesday.

Now it’s time for Wilson to show improvement from his first six starts, including the Jets 1-5. He has shown flashes of being a playmaker at BYU before the second draft altogether, but he’s too loose with football by throwing nine INTs.

Jets Mike White Kovid
Jets quarterback Mike White has been placed on the COVID-19 / Reserve list but could potentially be activated by Sunday’s game.
Robert Sabo

Wilson was 104 for 181 for 57.5 percent completion rate with nine picks for 1,168 yards, four TDs and a passer rating of 63.5, before hurting a knee injury against the Patriots in Foxborough, Mass., Last month.

Saleh said last week, “constructively” that Wilson’s knee is “where we want to be.”

Jets Joe Flacco COVID
Jake quarterback Joe Flacco (# 19) who is not vaccinated is placed on the COVID-19 reserve list.
Robert Sabo

It has been an eventful few weeks for the Jets at quarterback after Wilson was injured.

White, who came in for Wilson when he was injured in New England, threw for 405 yards in his first NFL start and won a 34-31 upset win over the Bengals. White injured his forearm in the first quarter in Indianapolis the following week, and Johnson threw for 317 yards and three TDs.

In the next game, a 45-17 home loss to the Bills, White struggled, threw four INTs and was on the bench for last week’s home game against the Dolphins, Flacco completing two TDs for 39 of 291 yards. -17 Defeat for Miami.

Now, the Jets return to what should have been a season-high first – developing Wilson. It is anyone’s guess as to who will support him.



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