John Paul Mac Isaac asks for Hunter Biden probe over false laptop report

Hunter Biden and his lawyers may have broken the law last week by misrepresenting that his laptop was “stolen,” lawyers for John Paul McIsaac — a computer repair shop owner — claim. The distraught ex-owner where the first son left him. The infamous MacBook.

In letters sent Monday to Attorney General Merrick Garland and his Delaware counterpart, Kathy Jennings, McIsaac’s attorneys alleged that Hunter attorney Abby Lovell “intentionally used false information to report an alleged crime.” and possibly violated federal and state laws by allowing that information to be disseminated. media” when he alleged that McIsaac “unlawfully accessed” the contents of Hunter’s laptop. and spread it.

McIsaac’s attorney, Brian Della Rocca, specifically took issue with Lowell’s claim that the shop owner illegally accessed and copied Hunter Biden’s laptop data without his consent.

Della Rocca wrote, “John Paul obtained Hunter Biden’s consent to access his laptop when Hunter Biden signed a work authorization at The Make Shop on April 12, 2019. According to Hunter’s signed work order. , when he failed to recover his laptop and the hard drive from which the data had been recovered after more than 90 days, it became abandoned property to be disposed of as John Paul deemed fit. The best disposal of the laptop and hard drive is to hand them over to the authorities.

Lawyers for John Paul McIsaac, a computer repairman, claimed Hunter Biden and his lawyers broke the law by claiming his laptop was “stolen.”
James Cavome

McIsaac’s attorneys said in a letter to AG Merrick Garland and Delaware AG Kathy Jennings that Hunter’s attorney, Abby Lowell, “intentionally used false information to report the alleged crime.”

Della Rocca also disputed Lowell’s claim that McIsaac illegally shared the laptop with allies of former President Donald Trump and profited from doing so, saying McIsaac never shared the laptop’s contents. did not spread to the media and did not make any money from it.

“John Paul shared the original laptop and external hard drive with the FBI in December 2019,” McIsaac’s attorney wrote. “Then, looking at the impeachment hearings against President Trump in 2020, John Paul was concerned that there was no mention of information on the laptop. It was as if no one even knew about the laptop.

“At that point, John Paul decided that he would try to get information to Congress. When his efforts failed, he went to President Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani … Whether you believe that President Trump’s impeachment Like it or not, John Paul corrected the president’s lawyer by taking evidence that could help the president’s defense.

Della Rocca also fired back at Lowell’s claim that McIsaac, who is legally blind, could not have identified Hunter Biden as the person who dropped the laptop at his store in April 2019.

“The fact that John Paul is legally blind makes him unable to recognize who he is dealing with,” the lawyer wrote in response.

“While he may have had difficulty identifying Hunter Biden at first, to argue that his visual impairment prevented him from using his other senses and his intelligence to identify his user was difficult. shows ignorance and discrimination against the people facing it.”

Della Rocca also rejected Lowell’s claim that Yaacov Apelbaum, founder and CEO of the cyber analytics firm XRVision, was “working with Senator Ron Johnson’s office” when he gave McIsaac access to Hunter’s laptop hard drive. Helped to create the Forensic Image”.

“This is false, as Yaakov never worked with Senator Johnson’s office,” Della Rocca wrote, adding that Applebaum was only asked to analyze the information on the laptop and not to copy it. to do

Della Rocca says Hunter’s lawsuit against McIsaac is an attempt to intimidate him after McIsaac launched a defamation action against the Biden family.

“John Paul has lost his business, his friendships, and is living in constant fear. It’s time to tell Hunter Biden that enough is enough.

Della Rocca says he wrote to Garland and Jennings “to expose the blatant lies being used by Hunter Biden and his lawyer to try to sway public opinion…I am disappointed that I also had to prepare these letters”.

McIsaac claims that Hunter Biden gave him consent to access the laptop for repairs and later abandoned it.
MacIsaac claims Hunter Biden gave him access to the laptop for repairs at his shop and was later released.
Photo by Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images

“While I respect your office’s ability to distinguish between a political ploy and a genuine legal request, I am compelled to write because my clients have fallen victim to these unethical political games masquerading as a legal request. Della Rocca wrote.

Della Rocca also suggested that the federal Department of Justice and its Delaware counterpart should investigate Hunter and Lowell over the false complaint.

“During this investigation, perhaps Hunter Biden should provide corroborating evidence of his whereabouts on April 12, 2019.” [the date he left his laptop at Mac Isaac’s store] … Such an investigation could solve many of the falsehoods leveled at John Paul.

For McIsaac, who wrote a book about his experience, “American Injustice,” the nightmare continues.

“I’m already feeling the fallout from Hunter Biden’s letter,” he told The Post on Monday. “Once again, with the help of the mainstream media, half the country wants to see me in prison.”

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