Kanye West hints at recent anti-Semitic rants in newly released song

The rapper formerly known as Kanye West released a new song on Wednesday night in which he refers to his recent anti-Semitic remarks.

A disgraced hip-hop star, he now works as Ye. released a new track Wednesday night’s seemingly non-stop controversies, including his odd appearance on the show in which conspiracy theorist Alex Jones praised Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

At the end of the song, titled “One Day We’ll All Be Free,” a clip of his interview with Jones is played, in which the conspiracy theorist tries to give Kanye a chance to back down from his pro-Nazi statements.

“Can we say you like uniforms, but that’s about it?” Jones can sing in a song.

The track then cuts to Ye responding to Jones: “No, I have a lot of things to love.” Then he repeats the phrase “I love” as the music fades.

Kanye released a new song on Instagram on Wednesday night.
Fox News

The 45-year-old also repeats the words “Tweeted deathcon / Now we past three” in the song. his tweet in which he said he was going to “death 3” against the Jews amid another strange and vile riot.

West appears to be referring to the military term defcon, a five-level term for the intensity of a threat to national security.

The nearly two-minute-long tune uses a heavy sample of Donnie Hathaway’s 1973 song “Someday We’ll All Be Free.”

The original lyrics were reportedly written by songwriter Ed Howard Hathaway as he struggled with depression and schizophrenia, leading to his suicide in New York in 1979. According to Genius. The original song has since been interpreted by many as a black civil rights song.

West’s new song references his now-deleted infamous “deathcon 3” tweet on Twitter.

On Wednesday morning, The Post reported that World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder had asked Apple Music and Spotify to remove West’s music from their streaming services, accusing them of profiting from Jew-hatred.

“Kanye West’s Anti-Semitic Tides Go Beyond Trading in Conspiracy Theories. He supports Nazism in its purest, most hateful form and is perhaps the only example of the alarming rise of anti-Semitism in America,” the billionaire philanthropist wrote in a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook and Spotify CEO Daniel Eck. .

West, who was infamously named Anti-Semite of the Year by StopAntisiemtism.org, lost hundreds of millions of dollars after companies including Adidas, Gap and Balenciaga cut ties with him.


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