Kanye West’s lawyers say they searched for him for months to formally sever ties

Another one of Kanye “Ye” West’s professional Relations It’s Officially Gone Unofficial: Attorneys at law firm Greenberg Trierg say they have “exhausted all avenues” of contacting the artist as a client after first saying they had “exhausted all means” of contacting the artist. What you have found to leave., Billboard Reports As of this writing, representatives for Greenberg Trig have not responded. of the AV Club Request for comment.

“The address at which you were personally served is not one that is publicly associated with you or his business, but is an address at which you Yet they come often.” Billboard. “This location is also primarily used by individuals and entities that are not affiliated with you or its business.”

The official filing comes just over a month after the same lawyers asked a judge to allow them to run notices in local Los Angeles newspapers announcing their professional separation after failing to find him. This move would have been unusual to say the least.But now, it’s one that won’t be needed.

“On January 18, 2023, an attorney based in California contacted my firm and advised that he would represent ‘Ye’ in some of his legal matters,” Nina DeBoyajian, an attorney at Greenberg Trurig, said of the incident. Says what was finally achieved. Firm in touch with you. “During several emails and a phone call with this attorney, I requested that they coordinate personal service of the order on you. On February 1, 2023, the attorney referenced above emailed me a certificate of service. A signed document obtained by Billboard Indicates that West was presented on January 27.

The public documents did not reveal the name of West’s new legal representation, nor where it was eventually located. The AV Club Their representatives have been reached for comment.

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