Kanye West’s Yeezy brand owes creative director $95,000 for sunglasses shoot in New York: suit

A Brooklyn creative director claims in a new lawsuit that Kanye West owes him nearly $100,000 for a photo shoot featuring the founder of fashion brand Yeezy and his sunglasses line.

Catelynn Mooney, a freelance creative director in the fashion industry, says in a lawsuit she filed in Manhattan Supreme Court that Yeezy staff contacted her on Sept. 11 to shoot West’s SHDZ sunglasses line, just two days away. . from Wednesday.

Muni has worked with major brands such as L’Oreal, Nike and Coke. according to his site – Allegedly hired by Yeezy for $110,000.

The shoot ensured Mooney would be ready at 7 a.m. on Sept. 13, when she was in town for New York Fashion Week, the filing said.

Mooney is “furious” by providing models, lighting, catering and pre- and post-production for the shoot, which is set to take place at Blonde + Co Studios during “one of the busiest times of the year in New York fashion circles.” with” was prepared. , the lawsuit claims.

Kanye West’s Yeezy company is being sued over $95,000 still owed to a Brooklyn creative director.

“Kanye West arrived on set, modeled his SHDZ sunglasses, and the shoot was held that day,” the document states.

Mooney then delivered the final digital files of the photos a day later on Sept. 14, which “Yeezy had no problem with,” court documents state.

Now, more than two months later, Mooney has paid only $15,000 of the $110,000 he agreed to by text with Yeezy’s staff — despite sending an invoice and his repeated requests for payment, according to the lawsuit.

Katelyn Mooney.
Creative director Katelyn Mooney claims that Yeezy agreed to pay her $110,000 for the Sept. 14 shoot, but has only paid her $15,000 to date.
katelynmooney / Linkedin

Mooney, a mother of three, “had to take out large amounts of credit and rack up credit cards to cover her rent and other bills,” the lawsuit alleges. “Abuse of an independent freelancer was a specific type of exploitation,” it added to New York’s freelancing laws.

Mooney’s attorney, Andrew Gerber, said, “He put himself on a very tight schedule for this shoot, and because Yeezy didn’t pay his invoices on time, it’s a lot of money to pay his rent and bills and support his kids. was forced to take on debt.” said The Post.

“It was his responsibility to deal with all the other vendors for his shoot, and because of that non-payment put him in a very precarious financial position,” the lawyer added.

Kanye West.
Yeezy hired Mooney to shoot West’s new sunglasses line, SHDZ.
@CelebCandidly/ Snorlax / MEGA

One of Yeezy’s creditors told The Post in an email, “All debts have been paid. Yesterday we confirmed all the payments with him and submitted the payments.”

But Gerber said that was “absolutely false. He was not paid.”


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