Kareem Benzema was sentenced to suspended jail term in a sex tape blackmail case


Karim Benzema has been found guilty of involvement in the sex tape blackmail case six years ago.

The Real Madrid striker was subsequently sentenced to a one-year suspended jail term and a hefty fine for his actions.

In 2015, Benzema was arrested for playing a part in extortion by former French international Mathew Valbuena via sex tape.

It is alleged that Benzema somehow organized the entire plot to hand over the cash payment to Valbuena, though he has since declared his innocence since the day he was placed in handcuffs.

Benjima is said to be pressuring Valbuena to fund blackmailers who threaten to release a dear video to the public.

During the trial, Valbuna testified that during the national team training camp in 2015, his Efrench teammate said, “There is a video. It’s hot.”

It is alleged that Benzema has indicated that he knows someone who “solves your problem”.

Now, several years later, Versailles is found guilty of conspiracy and conspiracy to blackmail in court.

The Versailles prosecutor’s office slapped him with a suspended sentence and was ordered to pay a 75 75,000 fine.

According to multiple reports, the prosecutor sought a 10-month sentence but the judge gave him a year instead of Benzema.

The Real and Les Blues forward have denied any wrongdoing with their lawyer.

“My response is anger that has been met with this verdict, which is totally contradictory,” Sylvain Cormier, Benzema’s lawyer, said as he left the court.

“The court declared itself clear that Benzema did not know about the project in advance, then said he did not know him without any evidence? So they denounced him.

“They gave him a very harsh and no-proof sentence. We are very shocked by this decision.”

After his arrest in 2015, Benzema was booted out of the French national team but has since recovered.



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