Kate Walsh on the end of Grey’s Anatomy and why it’s so hard to tell jokes in modern culture

Kate Walsh was introduced to Grey’s Anatomy viewers as Dr. Addison Montgomery in May 2005 and has since been surprising fans with occasional visits to the show.

He originally returned last season after being told the long-running ABC medical drama was ending after 18 seasons.

“I went back last season because they thought, ‘This is the last season,'” he said. “Call me last season and I’ll be back. I want it to be very special.”

“Look, it’s still a work in progress, but the writing is better than ever. The storylines are incredible. It’s a really strong story for my character this year – I really liked him and I’d love to go back and forth,” he said. .

In addition to discussing her new partnership with Purina Tidy Cats, Kate Walsh discussed her time on Grey’s Anatomy, as well as how she views the current world of comedy.
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When does the show end? Walsh isn’t sure. “It’s a beloved show … Ellen is going to be out, and then maybe she’s going to be in and out, I imagine,” he said of the recent departure of Ellen Pompeo, the show’s lead actress. Beginning.

“It’s a great platform to talk about social issues… I think it’s going to continue because the fans love it and it’s an infrastructure that works.”

This season, Walsh’s fictional character, an OB/GYN specializing in neonatal surgery, is passionate about the real-life overturning of Roe and Wade and how it has affected women’s reproductive rights.

“When we talked about me coming in this season, we discussed the whole thing and I was very interested in it,” Walsh said of his return for Season 19.

Kate Walsh continues to play Dr. Addison Montgomery on ABC’s hit Grey’s Anatomy.
(Lilian Lathan/ABC)

“Part of the magic of art—whether it’s great literature or television, film, or painting—is that it connects us. That storytelling is more powerful than most things you can do in the private sector. . . . It connects.” , – he said.

Speaking about her belt this season, Walsh says, “It’s really important for the show that I know how to tell all sides of any story. And really looking at it from different angles. And having empathy and connection .. .. I’m excited and happy to be participating.”

“It’s a crazy time in this world and so many changes in culture and civil rights being taken away from people, and I think it’s incredible to have a platform to explore that in a theatrical way, you know?”

From 2007 to 2013, Walsh had his own spinoff show, Private Practice, which revolved around Dr. Montgomery’s departure from Seattle and his new life in Los Angeles.

Private Practice ran for seven seasons, starring Kate Walsh alongside Taye Diggs, Audra McDonald, Tim Daly, Pete Wilder, KaDee Strickland, Chris Lowell, Paul Adelstein and Amy Brenneman.

Private Practice ran for seven seasons, starring Kate Walsh alongside Taye Diggs, Audra McDonald, Tim Daly, Pete Wilder, KaDee Strickland, Chris Lowell, Paul Adelstein and Amy Brenneman.
(Andrew Eccles/Disney General Entertainment Content)

Shonda Rhimes, the creator of “Grey’s” and “Private Practice”, recently revealed in an interview with “Good Morning America” ​​that she is interested in rebooting the latter show.

“I really feel like we’re not done telling our stories on ‘Private Practice,'” he said. “We had a lot to say about these characters.”

While Walsh clarified that she hasn’t spoken to Rhimes about it, she was quick to add, “The cast — we still have a very active WhatsApp network. We’re very close. It’s something that I — we want to do, too.” … I’m sure people will want to come back and do it.”

Something Walsh hasn’t done in a while is exercise his funny bone through live comedy.

When he was young and living in New York, Walsh, now 55, was a member of the comedy troupe Burn Manhattan.

Speaking about comedy now, Walsh explains that he thinks times have changed.

Kate Walsh was previously in the comedy troupe Burn Manhattan.

Kate Walsh was previously in the comedy troupe Burn Manhattan.
(Bruce Glikas/WireImage)

“It’s basically impossible to do,” he says of the live show. “You had people put their phones in a basket – you had to lock it down a lot.”

Walsh, who now lives in Australia, said he knows fellow actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen has performed with these restrictions during the COVID era.

“I think it’s a very difficult time to be funny. Because part of humor is, of course, self-deprecation, but you know, it’s about making light of really difficult things,” he said.

“It’s part of the catharsis and the release and the connection, and you know, that’s how I grew up.”

According to him, the television of his time cannot thrive in today’s modern world. “Okay, I mean the shows I grew up watching, I mean All in the Family …”MASH” is all you’re like “Wait…you’re not going to see that show on TV today. .'”

Kate Walsh discussed whether she’s sure she’ll be able to air All in the Family or MASH tonight.
(CBS Photo Archive/CBS Photo Archive)


Walsh shared his thoughts on why telling jokes is difficult in today’s society.

“Unfortunately… because you start censorship,” he said. He says that “to get one good joke, you have to find nine terrible jokes” and “you have to fail and be exposed and make mistakes.”

However, Walsh clarified that this doesn’t mean you can be “offensive or anything like that” in your comedy.

“It’s just that you have to make mistakes in order to be really creative. And if you come into a culture that’s very besieged, I think that’s very difficult and unfortunate.”

As for what he considers off-limits in the comedy zone, Walsh admits, “I don’t even think so.”

Kate Walsh poses with her cat Pablo.

Kate Walsh poses with her cat Pablo.
(Purina Tidy Cats®)

Instead, Walsh thinks first about her two beloved pets: her dog Rosie, 15, and her cat Pablo, 18.

With her new collaboration with Purina’s Tidy Cats, Walsh is excited to set the record straight on what a cat lady can look like.

“I’ve been wanting to rebrand Cat Lady for a long time – come on, we’re cool,” she said.

Walsh was excited to partner with Tidy Cats and their lightweight litter, which, according to their press release, is a 99.9% dust-free option for cats that provides permanent odor control to the space.

“The idea that you can have a wonderful home for the holidays … people and pets can live together during a festive and hectic time,” she said.

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