Kayleigh McEnany calls out Karine Jean-Pierre over ‘gap’ in China spy flight timeline

“Outnumbered” co-host Kayleigh McEnany said Tuesday that the White House will have to provide answers to President Biden’s response to the Chinese surveillance balloon after it emerged that officials had three days to brief the president on the situation. Did you wait? McEnany, who returned to the show after the birth of her son Nash on Nov. 29, said White House press secretary Karen Jean-Pierre still had questions to answer.

US releases first photos of Chinese spy plane recovery efforts as divers retrieve wreckage

KAYLEIGH MCENANY: I have some gaps that I would like to clarify. First, the leaks against the Trump administration — three Balloons in the Trump Administration – Pompeo denied, Mark Esper denied, John Bolton denied, many others denied, all the defense officials I’ve seen in the administration. I never had a Chinese spy balloon tab on my binder, I can tell you that much, because we didn’t know about it. At least I certainly didn’t. So the leak against the Trump administration was interesting. But the gap I want to describe… The Pentagon says U.S. officials first detected the balloon and its payload on Jan. 28, before it crossed Alaska. January 31, Karen Jean-Pierre at the White House says, ‘He, the president was briefed on this on Tuesday.’ This is on January 31. was The US President was not briefed. Three days on it? Did he miss the opportunity to shoot it on Alaska? A question for Karen Jean-Pierre at the briefing today.

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