Keke Palmer hits back at haters who criticized her acne on Twitter: ‘Makeup isn’t real’

Pregnant actress Keke Palmer took to Twitter on Tuesday to add that she needs “help” from people who criticize her appearance and weight.

The former Disney Channel star revealed that she started receiving hateful comments after posting content without makeup. In the past, Palmer has spoken about how she suffered from a diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome, which causes acne.

The star usually covers up her acne with make-up and has posted videos in the past showing her followers the best ways to hide breakouts.

“I just saw a few comments [people] Told me I’m ugly because I don’t wear any makeup,” Palmer tweeted Tuesday. “And I really want y’all to get help because makeup isn’t real. I’m beautiful in real life, not because of what I look like, but because of who I am.’


“I wish I could bottle up my feelings and sell them. Because some people take comments to heart and do it [people] just say something,” he added, ending the Twitter thread with a funny emoji.

In the past, Palmer has claimed that actor and director Tyler Perry offered to help her pay for skin treatments. “There are people out there with adult acne and you can’t find a cure? I’m done,” she told her Instagram followers.

For several months, Palmer did not publicly acknowledge her pregnancy, despite public speculation. However, the former child actress confirmed her pregnancy during her Saturday Night Live opening monologue.

“Honestly, it’s been the biggest blessing and I’m so excited, you guys,” she said on SNL Lover over the weekend. “I’m going to be a mother!”

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