Ken DeLand: American student missing in France is member of conservative campus organization, group says

An American college student who disappeared in France while studying abroad is a member of Turning Point USA, a conservative organization on many college campuses.

Ken DeLand Jr. was a senior at St. John Fisher University in Rochester, New York, and was studying French at Grenoble Alpes University when he went missing. He contacted his parents on WhatsApp on November 27 but has not heard from him since. The student boarded a train to Valence, France on November 27, according to his family.

“Pray for Ken,” reads an Instagram post from TPUSA students. “Help us find Chapter President Ken DeLand… Kenny was last heard from on November 27, 2022 when his family left his host family’s residence and took a train to Valence, France.”

Grenoble prosecutor Eric Vaillant said earlier that DeLand appeared to have left the city on his own.

KEN DELAND: DISAPPEARING IN FRANCE American college student had trouble making friends, may have left of his own accord.

Ken DeLand has seen abroad.

According to Vaillant, DeLand “told several people that he was underprepared for France and that he had trouble making friends.”

Police obtained a copy of DeLand’s recent purchases and discovered that he used a debit card to make a purchase in Montelimar on Dec. 3 at 9 a.m.


Sign of the city of Valence in Montelimar, France on December 14, 2022.

Sign of the city of Valence in Montelimar, France on December 14, 2022.
(for Julien Reynaud/Abaca)

According to a website created by her family, DeLand was “last seen wearing a red jacket, scarf, gray skirt, blue jeans, black backpack and sneakers.”

Ken DeLand walks into the store

Ken DeLand walks into the store

“We fear the worst and want to locate him; please share this information.” the website reads.

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