King Charles cancels annual ski trip for first time in 45 years ahead of coronation: report

King Charles has pulled the plug on his annual skiing getaway for the first time in 45 years, as he prepares for his historic coronation.

The monarch, who ascended the throne in September following the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II, will be formally crowned on May 6.

And careful to stay injury-free on the big day, King has opted for downhill sliding this year in the Swiss village of Klosters. The Sun reported.

“There are a number of factors at play, not the least of which is that it seems bad to go skiing during a cost crisis and King is not a very flamboyant person,” a source told the outlet.

“A skiing accident would also be devastating.”

The insider added that royal aides want the king’s first overseas visit after the coronation to be an official engagement, not a holiday.

King has opted for downhill sliding in the Swiss village of Klosters this year to stay injury-free on the big day.
Getty Images

The Post has reached out to Buckingham Palace for comment.

Charles is due to make official visits to France and Germany before the big day in May, with two visits planned for late March.

Although Buckingham Palace has remained somewhat tight-lipped about the upcoming extravaganza, he did tease that the coronation will be a small affair.

Young King Charles III with Princes William and Harry skiing in Klosters, Switzerland.
Young King Charles III pictured with Prince William and Harry skiing in Cloisters, Switzerland.
Tim Graham Photo Library via Gate

Portrait of the young King Charles III and his sons William and Harry.
Then Prince Charles III with his sons on an annual skiing getaway in 2002.
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Taking place at Westminster Abbey, the 74-year-old coronation will “reflect the monarch’s character today and look to the future, while rooted in long-standing traditions and pageantry,” the palace said earlier.

It is reported that Charles is equal. Breaking away from tradition Clearing the “dated” look of the past with your coronation dress.

In previous coronations, the king traditionally wore silk stockings and breeches – often worn for horseback riding.

King Charles III of Great Britain shaking hands with British citizens.
King Charles III will be formally crowned at Westminster Abbey on May 6.

King Charles III was wearing military uniform.
The king will wear his military uniform to represent the “modern monarchy of the 21st century”.
POOL/AFP via Getty Images

But a source Told the sun That Charles will wear his military uniform on the big day to represent “the modern monarchy of the 21st century”.

“Senior aides think the breeches look too old,” an insider told the outlet, suggesting the monarch is being advised against tradition.

Queen Elizabeth died on September 8, 2022 at the age of 96. Charles – her eldest son with the late Prince Philip – immediately assumed the role of king after her death.

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