Kirsty Alley remembered for pushing back on abolitionist culture: ‘History will vindicate her’

Actors Dean Cain and Wally Crowder joined The Fox and Friends to pay tribute to actress Kirsty Alley, who died shortly after a battle with cancer aged 71.

“He was kind, honest and giving. You wouldn’t know that he saved lives through drug rehab and charity work,” Crowder said.


Kirsty Alley won her second Emmy in 1994 for David’s Mother.
(Vinny Zuffante/Michael Ochs Archive)

Crowder was a close friend of Alley and named one of his twin daughters after him. He shared the story of Alley stepping into the role of best man at his wedding.

“My best friend is Parker Stevenson, her ex-husband, we used to run together. When my wife Laurie and I got married, Parker was in New Zealand. And of course Kirsty stepped up. on a plate and said, “I’ll be your best man. He was great. You put him in a tuxedo, he just looked like a million bucks. And as sad as it is today, it’s in the glory of the Lord,” Crowder said, holding back tears.

According to Crowder, Alley had problems with his back due to colon cancer, and as a result he underwent nine rounds of chemotherapy. Crowder said cancer took his life “really fast, too fast.”

Kirsty Alley made her acting debut as Saavik in 1982’s Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
(CBS photo via Getty Images)

Cain Alley said he wasn’t afraid to “deconstruct the culture” and spoke his mind. In addition, Kane described Alley as “an icon, both on and off screen, a force of nature.”

“He was one of those brave people who wasn’t afraid to overturn the culture. And when you speak your mind and you get those slings and arrows as a result. But I think history will vindicate him and his ideas and let people go. Of course you “You should have your own opinion and not go along with the crowd,” Cain said.

“Everybody feels a loss and it’s just heartbreaking and so quick. But he’s with God now.”

Last year, Alley Tucker criticized Carlson for his support of former President Donald Trump. Alley notes that expressing conservative political beliefs seems to be a worse crime than drug use in Hollywood.

“You can smoke meth and sleep with hookers, but you probably didn’t vote for Trump,” he said. “I feel a little bit off about the whole Twilight Zone concept.”

The former Cheers actor told Ted Danson: “I was on a plane today and I did something I rarely do. I watched an old episode of Cheers. It was the episode where Tom Berenger proposed to Kirsty, although she said yes. but she keeps saying no. Kirsty was absolutely brilliant in this. Her ability to play a woman on the brink of a breakdown was both moving and brave. When she filmed that scene 30 years ago, I was if he laughed, he laughed the same way today.

“As I got off the plane I heard Kirsty had passed away. I am so sad and so grateful that she made me laugh. I send my love to her children. They know well, their mother had a heart of gold. I will miss her.”

True and Lily Parker, Kirsty’s children, announced their mother’s death on Monday night.

Her children thanked the Moffitt Cancer Center for their care before describing their mother as “unmatched for her passion and enthusiasm for life, her children, grandchildren and many animals, not to mention her eternal enjoyment of creation and inspiring us to live.” a full life just like him.”

Fox News’ Janelle Ash contributed to this report

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