Knicks fans can easily take Julius Randall as the trade deadline increases

Julius Randall got some boos during his pregame debut in his first home game after his infamous thumbs-down gesture.

But really this is not fan opinion but the Knicks brass.

Randall is not known for standing with brass. The team did not comment when Randall gave the fans a symbolic thumbs-down for the Knicks in their last home game against Boston on Thursday. He later jokingly explained that he did it to “shut the fk off” with fans.

And now this latest report about Jeremy Grant.

During the 2020 free agency, the Knicks, as the Post reported, were involved in Grant Sweepstakes.

The signing of a three-year, $ 63 million package in 2019 is a sign that he is not impressed with the power forward Randall, as Grant will be exactly that.

Grant didn’t pay much attention to the Knicks, and the Pistons somehow surpassed him in powering a three-year, $ 60 million package.

Julius Randall

Grant left Radar last season as Randall made his first All-Star Game, won the league’s Most Improved Player Award, was named Second Team All-NBA and then signed a four-year, $ 117 million contract.

And now it may have come full circle. Rebuilt pistons are free of grants and trade The Knicks are reported to have shown some interest.

With their constant monitoring of the Miles Turner situation in Indiana, this is a show that the Knicks can’t fully sell on Randall for long.

Grant, who has been out since December 10 after undergoing thumb surgery, has played in just 24 games, averaging 20.1 points but only shooting 4.8 rebounds and shooting 33.1 percent from 3-point range.

Conceptually, Randall and Grant can work together because Grant can play some small forward. But perhaps this is part of a larger Randall-Grant swap. Grant was selected over Randall for the US Olympic Team last summer.

The Knicks have a potential logjam in long-term power forward due to second-year power forward OB Topin.

The Pistons passed Toppin in the 2020 draft to take point guard Killian Hayes. Toppin has shown signs of hope this season but if Randall’s presence blocks his path and Randall is kept, he could be on the trade block.

The NBA fined $ 25,000 for obscenity, though Randall apologized on Instagram and is still committed to the agency.

Julius Randall leveled thumbs down for Knicks fans.
Julius Randall leveled thumbs down for Knicks fans.

“I want to send a quick message to our fans and be clear – I love NYC and am part of this team and this franchise,” Randall wrote. “And like most Knicks fans, I’m really excited for us to succeed.”

Does the Knicks commit to Randall? Turner is on the trade block and the Knicks have long been interested. He’s Stretch 4 – The Knicks have been a hole in the roster since they traded Kristaps Porzingis to Dallas.

Randall’s 3-point shot disappeared this season. Topin is struggling from long range and none of his four centers have a reliable jump shot.

Turner could definitely be a player the Knicks are aggressively pursuing at the February 10 deadline. It’s not really clear that Grant’s skill set is better than Randall’s better team defenders.

Randall had his first chance to make amends in Boston on Saturday but put up a lousy six-turn game and seemed to be pressing. When he faces San Antonio on Monday, this was his first chance to win back the fans who adored him last season.


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