Larry Hogan: Trump is not the GOP’s ‘strongest nominee’ to win in 2024

Former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan discusses whether he’ll consider running for president in 2024 and Donald Trump’s re-election chances on “Your World.”

Larry Hogan: I am definitely giving. Very serious consideration. We have been really successful 30 miles from Washington, where everything seems to be falling apart and nothing but division and inaction. I’m one of the bluest states in the country with a 70% progressive legislature, and I cut them $4.8 billion in taxes eight years in a row. And I did the biggest economic change in America.

Trump looks to target potential 2024 GOP challengers, says he doesn’t have much ‘competition’

I don’t think so [Donald Trump] is to be nominated. But, you know, look, I’m not one of those people who bided their time. Attack on the President. I was one of the few Republicans willing to stand up and say when I disagreed. And I did it, you know, on a number of different issues. But he has many policies that I support.

I don’t think he will be our strongest candidate to win the election in November. I mean, we’ve lost three elections in a row. We lost the White House. We got it. Find a candidate That can appeal to a wider audience of people and win over swing voters.

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