LAURA INGRAHAM: Democrats are trying to pad spending ahead of the new Congress.

Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham said Democrats are taking advantage of her last few weeks in power on “Ingraham’s Corner” on Monday.

LAURA INGRAHAM: In a month or so, given that Republicans control the House? It is disingenuous to think that Congress is going to make major changes to the law ahead of time Pelosi should drop out of the fray. But as we warned you last week, Democrats will try to use the few remaining weeks to push through as many sweeping changes as possible.


Official Washington is trying to sneak legislation through the holiday rush and bogus fears of a government shutdown in one of the most absurd swamp ways possible. For weeks, the Pentagon has been sending not-so-subtle messages to Congress. National Defense Authorization Act and that the omnibus spending bill “puts us in a strategic position.” “If the current budget is extended beyond December, we may be forced to cut our enrollments … harming our ability to fulfill our mission and recruit staff.” Are there policies under the Biden administration that could lead to a recruiting crisis in our military?

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