LAURA INGRAHAM: How far will the left go to defend their pet causes and destructive agendas?

Laura Ingraham explores the left’s ways of defending themselves and their agenda in “Ingraham’s Corner.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: An outspoken trans youth in northern Virginia went beyond using the opposite-sex restroom. It meant committing a heinous crime. Radical gender and race activists co-opted the Democratic Party so school administrators Loudoun County, Virginia, literally covered up sexual assault. Now you remember some of the details of how that school district tried to bury the rape story. They transferred his attacker to another school without his parents’ knowledge, and then they made him the villain when the victim’s father expressed his understandable anger at a school board meeting.


Parents and teachers debated Loudoun County Public School Board 8,040’s transgender student policy at its Oct. 11 meeting.

Well, now a grand jury has just released a report on what the school administration did to sweep things under the rug, and it’s worse than we thought. Despite the fact that the teacher’s aide reportedly went into the bathroom and saw two pairs of feet under the stall door—that’s rape itself—that the teacher did nothing, and apparently didn’t warn anyone. The report also found that the district covered up the nature of the assault even as it prepared to roll out a controversial new transgender bathroom policy.

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