LAURA INGRAHAM: Now we’re seeing how corrupt and how cutthroat and how insidious Big Tech is.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham explained the importance of revelations that Twitter censored prominent conservative accounts in “The Ingraham Angle,” saying it cost Elon Musk $44 billion to expose corruption.

LAURA INGRAHAM: The only thing that stopped was legitimate public debate and scientific debate, of course, and there is plenty of evidence. And it was worse than just suppression. Until the end Weiss’s topic today, it becomes clear that some in Twitter management have developed something akin to a god complex. In early 2021, global head of trust and security Joel Roth again sarcastically fingered Dorsey for inadvertently endorsing censorship, even using the word “integrity” to describe what they were doing.


“We’ve invited Jack to do this for civil immunity in the near future, but we need to make a more convincing case to include it in ourselves. a repertoire of policy recommendations — especially for other policy areas.” What does this mean? Twitter’s mission was originally to empower everyone to create and share ideas and information instantly without barriers. But we now see without a doubt that it was all just a marketing campaign. because Barriers were an integral part of their strategy to control and dominate the public space. Now imagine if Elon Musk never bought Twitter, we never knew anything about it. It cost $44 billion, but now we see how corrupt, how cutthroat, and how cunning Big Tech is.

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