LAURA INGRAHAM: The left is looking to upend the nuclear family

Fox News host Laura Ingraham explained in her opening monologue on “The Ingraham Angle” how deeply divided the country is.

Laura Ingraham: The media is working overtime to bully you. And it’s all a sideshow, so don’t take your eye off the ball. Today, what is important is to understand the two camps that form. America’s sharp division. Now, on the one hand, we have what is called the Zawiya regime. It is a coalition of Democrats, Republicans, the media and certain segments of the business community, all of whom are committed to an agenda that empowers the wealthy in various international institutions.

Now, on the other hand, there is a growing populist conservative movement committed to leveraging the power and leverage of the United States government to empower working-class Americans. And they’re going to do that by raising the standard of living and making sure they have more control over their lives. Now, the stakes for the country could not be higher. Gallup just released Eye-opening survey results. He asked, “What do you think is the most important issue facing this country today?” Ten percent said the economy, eleven percent immigration, fifteen percent inflation. And top of the list? Twenty-one percent said governance and poor leadership were the biggest problems.

Yes, more Americans say the federal government, working for us, is the biggest problem out there. And other problems like inflation are due to negligence of the government. So why are we all surprised? This makes the angle perfect. Because for the government, the federal bureaucracy exists to carry out its policies, no matter who the voters elect.

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