Left ripped for telling kids about dire climate: ‘Apocalyptic poisoning’

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld blasted the left on “The Five” Monday for fueling the ongoing climate hysteria, saying it’s “poisoning” parent-child relationships.

Gutfeld’s comments came after Democratic Whip Catherine Clark of Massachusetts claimed her child was waking up with “nightmares” over concerns about climate change.

“A wise man coined the phrase ‘narrative poisoning,’ and it is doomsday poisoning,” he said. – He poisoned the child’s brain.

FILE – In this June 1, 2017 file photo, protesters gather in front of the White House in Washington to protest President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement on climate change. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
((AP Photo/Susan Walsh))

The hosts of “Five” say that parents share apocalyptic climate predictions with their children because they can accept and understand everything.

Gutfeld went on to say that society has allowed “political ideology to poison the parent-child relationship.”


“If you agree with mom, murderers are environmental heroes, because for every victim they remove two carbon footprints from the planet. Good for them. Putin invaded Ukraine, 200,000 people died? Him? [Zelenskyy] He should receive the Nobel Prize.”

Co-author Dana Perino added that children are taught about climate guilt in school.

He gave the example of a friend’s child who was upset because the bed frame was made of wood.

“That day at school, they said that America is cutting down all its forests and we’re destroying the planet because we’re cutting down wood, and he didn’t want to have a bed like that anymore,” Perino said.

“It comes from them [and] so many different angles. My concern is: Will these kids grow up and try to throw tomato juice at Van Gogh? Does it lead here? – he asked.

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