Legendary editor Graydon Carter dishes on why he reads The Post every day

Graydon Carter, the legendary editor of Vanity Fair, recently revealed that he reads The New York Post every day. The news came as a surprise to many, given the perceived ideological differences between the two publications. Carter, however, sees no contradiction, explaining that he values The Post’s reporting on New York City, especially its coverage of local politics and business.

Carter, who is also the founder of Air Mail, a digital news platform, spoke about his reading habits during a recent interview with The Daily Beast. He explained that he sees The Post as a valuable source of information on the city, which he considers the world’s most important metropolis. According to Carter, The Post’s coverage of New York is unmatched, and he finds it useful in staying up to date on local politics, business, and culture.

Carter’s comments come at a time when the media landscape is more polarized than ever, with readers often sticking to sources that reinforce their political and ideological views. However, Carter’s eclectic reading habits demonstrate that there is still value in seeking out diverse perspectives and sources of information, even if they may not always align with one’s worldview.

In addition to praising The Post’s coverage of New York, Carter also discussed his approach to journalism and editing. He emphasized the importance of good writing, saying that a writer’s style is just as important as the substance of their reporting. He also emphasized the importance of fact-checking, noting that while journalism can never be completely objective, it should always be as accurate as possible.

Carter’s long career in journalism and publishing has earned him a reputation as one of the industry’s most influential figures. He is widely credited with transforming Vanity Fair into a must-read publication, and he has worked with some of the world’s most famous writers and personalities. Despite his many accomplishments, however, Carter remains committed to staying informed and engaged with the world around him, and his daily reading of The Post is just one example of this commitment.

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