Lil Rel Howery isn’t exactly sold on Ana de Armas’ Blonde Oscar nomination

A statement here is sure that a specific zinc the latest Account: Lil’ Reel Horry isn’t so sure Ana De Armas deserves it. Oscar nomination For Andrew Dominick Blonde. In a new conversation with vultureof “in this“Podcasts, Howry’s Dominating This Year”s Best Actress nominee, and shares that a specific competitor in the category “doesn’t make sense.”

“Someone else should have been bumped,” Howry told podcast host Sam Sanders of the Best Actress field. WHO? Haveri says, “I won’t say anything, but it’s a film that’s been designated as Raazi. It doesn’t make sense to me.” (As it happens, Blonde leads this year’s Secret nomination with eight.).

Later, Hori shows his cards and reveals that the undeserving nominee he’s been referring to is Armas. As he points out, there is no shadow on his side.They have been co-stars in the past.

“It’s just… and this is the person I filmed with,” Howry shares. “I did it deep water Also, with Ben Affleck. Amazing I’m just talking about the academy. what are you all doing Come on, fam. In fact?”

There has been some serious controversy in this year’s Best Actress category, particularly around the surprise nomination of Andrea Riseborough. To Leslie. Some critics questioned Riseborough’s campaign strategy, which included last-minute endorsements from big-name actors such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Edward Norton. after the Conduct a review campaign, was ultimately chosen by the Academy. Keep his nomination.

The central criticism surrounding Riseborough’s name (and Armas’ for that matter) has been that this year, once again, there will be no black women in the Best Actress category. In Howry’s eyes, this is a hoax—He says both up toof Daniel Deadwyler and A female kingKay Viola Davis deserved a spot on the field.

“Are we ever going to get these dues?” It rattles. “[Davis] i worked [The Woman King]. It worked. A female king, To me, it was one of the best films I’ve ever seen.”

The Oscars airs Sunday, March 12 at 8 PMET.

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