Lindsay Clancy said she heard a man’s voice in her head before strangling her kids with exercise ropes: prosecutors

Lindsay Clancy told a psychiatrist she heard a man tell her to kill her children before strangling them with exercise ropes, Massachusetts prosecutors charged in her arrest Tuesday. – while his own lawyer described his new reality as paralyzed by a suicidal threat.

Clancy, 32, appeared in Plymouth District Court via zoom in her hospital bed wearing a neck brace and face mask. The judge ultimately ruled that she would remain at her current hospital until she was transferred to a rehabilitation facility.

Clancy’s defense attorney, Kevin Reddington, alleged that Clancy — who faces first-degree murder charges after strangling her three children on Jan. 24 — was the victim of a health care system that making women prone to “postpartum depression- and even postpartum psychosis.” He claimed he was prescribed drugs—including Prozac and Seroquel—that had suicidal thoughts among their side effects.

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Lindsay Clancy told police she heard a man’s voice before she killed her children.

Lindsay Clancy

It is also revealed that Clancy is now a paraplegic.


Lindsay Clancy

Clancy appeared in court via Zoom on Tuesday.

Lindsay Clancy

Clancy was seen wearing a neck brace and face mask.


“[Clancy] was a beautiful person who was destroyed by this drug,” the impassioned lawyer told the court of the former labor and delivery nurse.

Lindsay Clancy kneels between her daughter and son in athletic gear.  The daughter, who is older, is on a tricycle and her son is in a stroller.
Clancy, 32, tried to take her own life by strangling her children on January 24.

Reddington also announced that Clancy – who tried to take her own life by jumping from a second-story window after killing her children – suffered spinal cord injuries and is now paralyzed from the waist down. He requested that he wait in an appropriate rehabilitation facility.

“She can’t walk… she can’t even go to the bathroom,” he said, adding that her emotional state was also “not good at all.”

Lindsay Clancy poses in the pool with her newborn son.
Lindsay Clancy was reportedly undergoing severe treatment for postpartum depression at the time of the tragedy.

Clancy, who did not speak during the proceedings, appeared to have her eyes closed for several moments as prosecutors allege she “created” the scene in which her husband, Patrick, spent about 20 minutes in their Duxbury home. left the house, and he left a lot of time. The strangulation of Cora, 5, Dawson, 3, and Callen.

After stopping by CVS and picking up takeout at Clancy’s request, prosecutors said, Patrick Clancy returned home for “quietness” and then discovered his wife in the yard.

She was later heard by 911 dispatchers when she discovered her children in the finished basement, reportedly still with exercise ropes around their “little necks.”

Cora and Dawson Clancy, two young children, sit together on a brown couch.  Cora holds Callan, a newborn baby.
Cora, Dawson and Callan Clancy were allegedly strangled to death.

When first responders arrived at the scene, Patrick allegedly yelled “He killed the kids!”

Prosecutors also detailed “chaotic” notes in Clancy’s journals, documenting her children’s lives as well as her mental health journey.

Although she briefly expressed suicidal thoughts and thoughts of hurting the children from her husband, the state’s attorney said,

“[Clancy] The children were strangled where they should have felt safest: at home, with their mother, the prosecutor said.

Funeral services for all three children were held Feb. 3 at St. Mary of the Nativity in Scituate.

Ahead of his children’s funeral last week, Patrick Clancy issued an impassioned plea to the public to forgive his wife.

“I want to ask all of you that you feel it within you to forgive Lindsey,” the grieving father and husband wrote in an update to a GoFundMe page started by a friend of the couple.

“The real Lindsey was so loving and caring with everyone – me, our children, family, friends and her patients. The very fiber of her soul is loving. I now know her. I just want him to get some peace.

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