Lionel Messi’s career’s least valuable goal hit him to the ground, yet somehow


The ‘most underrated’ goal of Lionel Messi’s career was a formidable solo strike in the Champions League and he somehow found the back of the net despite falling.

Messi sensibly took matters into his own hands during the European clash between Barcelona and Napoli in August 2020.

From the right wing, Messi drove in his trusty left peg in defense – with some brilliant footwork and striding his way into the box.

However, after a Napoli player tried to interrupt him, the ball got under his feet.

Messi then hit the deck, but kept it going and returned the ball smoothly to his way before duplicating the shot.

As he fell to the ground, the Argentines miraculously rolled a shot to the back of the net to score a stunning goal for Barca.

Credit goes to Luis Suarez, who, although he did not claim help, did not hamper the flow of Messi and allowed him to do his job.

The Messi fan account branded the player’s goal against Napoli the ‘most underrated’ goal of his career.

In response to Messi’s goal, one Twitter user tweeted: “Despite falling into the box, he didn’t take a dive and still got up and finished what he started. My GOAT.”

The latter wrote: “If anyone else earns it, they will be given puscas.”

A third added: “That night the price of koolibali fell by 10M immediately.”

The fourth added: “Suarez loved that Messi allowed him to keep his flow.”



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