Manchester City ball boy refuses to return ball to Aston Villa keeper in WSL clash


Ball boys and girls are no stranger to deliberately running down the clock, but not every day you see the scoreline still going 0-0 before half time.

And yet, that’s exactly what happened in the WSL clash between Manchester City and Aston Villa earlier today.

In the 46th minute, Villa goalkeeper Hannah Hampton went to the stands to retrieve the ball. However, as she did so, the ball boy picked it up behind the goal and initially refused to return it.

In the video, you can see the young man looking at the home bench, which probably indicates that he was wasting time in the match.

See for yourself the humorous event below.

The interesting point is that it was time to hog the ball, because the game was still goalless at the time, with City largely at the top.

Some fans are wondering why City would request to suggest wasting time, if they hadn’t deliberately played for the draw.

When both teams went to a break on flat terms, the hosts rallied in the second half, eventually leading City to a 5-0 victory.

Double by substitute Hayley Raso, as well as goals by Georgia Stanway, goals from Lauren Heap, and a solo effort from Carolyn Weir (you can see below), which puts City sixth on the WSL table after eight matches.

On the flip side, this is certainly a day to forget for the England international Hampton at Villa Net.



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