Manchin calls for bipartisan debt ceiling talks: ‘We’re writing checks our children can’t cash’

West Virginia Sen.; Joe Manchin, one of the few moderates in the caucus, joined Tuesday’s “special report” to urge substantive, bipartisan negotiations on the U.S. debt ceiling, warning that the Feds will further indebt future generations. have been.

We should talk about it,” Mnuchin said of Democrats, including President Biden, who are negotiating with Republicans.

“I mean, it’s time to recognize when you have a debt limit and you have to increase it. We’ve accumulated a lot of debt and we have to pay our bills. First of all, we know that Let’s get over the debt ceiling – we’re not going to default. So let’s get it over with. But in doing so, let’s agree to take our responsibilities seriously. We’re writing checks our kids can’t cash. are.”

Mnuchin estimated that the average American holds a principal share of $94,000 in the national debt, calling such a situation “unbelievable.”

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Sen. Joe Manchin, DW.Va (Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

While Biden has publicly toyed with the idea of ​​negotiating some aspects of the debt ceiling, Mnuchin said if the president and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy sat down together again, as they did recently at the White House, If there was, then a fruitful solution is likely. .

He said there were some points on which the pair were “in agreement” and noted that Biden had engaged in similar discussions while vice president in 2011.

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“For two years [afterward] We basically reduced our debt. Then it started again,” Manchin said. I don’t think we should have the theatrics as far as ‘are we going to pick it up or not’ — yes, we will, but we should also have some commitments and responsibilities. should.”

The senator claimed that the U.S. military came to lawmakers and suggested that if a budget were passed by Sept. 30, they could save 5 to 10 percent in their specific appropriations — saying it had to do with contracts and from other related expenses.

“The reason for that is, it’s basically, you know, you’re saying you have a contract with somebody to service your appliances or your furnace — the contract is over. Then the contract is over.” When you’re done, you call them and say, ‘Can you come fix my furnace?’ — I’ll guarantee that one visit can be as good as the one you had,” Manchin said.

“That’s what we’re talking about on a very large scale.”

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