Marines heading to Congress warn US military faces ‘sustainable’ obstacles

Georgia Rep.-elect Dr. Rich McCormick, a Marine helicopter pilot and emergency physician, warned on the “Brian Kilmeade Show” Monday that the U.S. military is facing “unsustainable” policies and an “awakening” to recruiting and morale.

Biden administration fumes as military vaccine mandate expires

DR. RICH MCCORMICK: We are not allowing people back in already expelled [from the COVID-19 vaccine mandate]. And we’ve had a 40% reduction in recruitment, which is very interesting for anyone who has to deploy, because it means you have to deploy more, which affects morale, which leads to more people leaving. So we’re in a really unsustainable cycle for the military. If we want to be a leading country in the world, we need to change this quickly.

In fact, there is a change in the mentality of the officer corps, which is truly amazing. Traditionally, we are the last bastion. We are the last meritocracy in the world where it doesn’t matter what you look like, where you come from, how much money you have, what color, race or religion you are. . You get things based on how well you perform. And they get away with it. They began to adopt this mentality, teaching in colleges and even military academies in the United States. it’s about awakening, about equality. Yes. And this is harmful. And to see officers reflect that nature really should belong to everyone. Because if we don’t have someone in the Marines or in the Army standing up for what is right, what makes America great, where are we going? Because it was supposed to be the last bastion of meritocracy.

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