Marvel is publishing Ant-Man’s memoir as an actual book

You’ve heard of comic books and movies based on comic books, but what about regular books based on movies based on comic books? Okay fine, This is happening! Apparently, there’s a plot point to come. Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantummania Where Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang/Ant-Man writes a memoir called Look out for the little guy, and now Marvel Studios is offering it as an actual book. It has a cover and a spine and an ISBN number and everything.

Paul Rudd — as himself, not as Scott Lang — promoted the book in a video that Marvel shared on Twitter today, stopping short of saying whether or not the book will change you. Under the foundation is working vaguely. They exists in the Marvel Universe and that Scott Lang looks exactly like him. So… whatever. Here’s the thing: it’s a real book you can actually read, letting you imagine what it’s like to exist in the MCU and read a book they’d read in the world of the movies. Well, you have to suppress any concerns you may have. The giant space god who emerged from the sea and now sits there., but as long as you never mention it, you’ll be fine. That’s exactly what people do in movies.

The catch with this fun tie-in product is that the book won’t be released for one. long time. Quantum It will be released in theaters on February 17, but the book won’t be in stores until September. Maybe promote the final DVD release instead? Either way, you can pre-order the book (which is 256 pages, so nothing to turn your nose up at at the length of the book). at this link.

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