Massachusetts residents condemn library Christmas tree riot at rally: ‘Why do you hate Christians?’

After the Endicott Branch Library initially failed to put up an annual Christmas tree, residents of Dedham, Massachusetts, criticized their city’s leadership — a move that was reversed after a public outcry.

“Jesse Watters Primetime” host Jesse Watters addressed a town hall meeting a few miles southwest of Boston on Tuesday, days after he and his show drew national attention to the controversy. emphasized.

“For two weeks now, the ‘Primetime’ team has been fighting against Christmas in Dedham, Massachusetts. It started when an eccentric librarian banned Christmas trees from libraries because they made people uncomfortable and good things. News Primetime intervened and now the trees are back,” he concluded.

Watters said that after the library announced it would return the tree to its site, city residents who were still angry listened to officials at a public meeting.

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A dispute over a Christmas tree between local residents on social media has led to official condemnation from the government of Dedham, Massachusetts.
(Anastasia Krivenok via Getty Images)

One woman spoke about how all members of the Dedham community deserve to express their beliefs.

He commented, “The Christmas tree is a symbol of Christianity,” but most of his words were drowned out by cross-talk.

“Why do you hate Christians so much?” another citizen posed for the assembled officials.

Another woman called out the library for trying to politicize the community rather than focus locally.

“It’s not about the Christmas tree,” he said. “It’s about you trying to wake up the city.”


Jesse Watters appeared on Fox News.

Jesse Watters appeared on Fox News.
(Fox News)

“These people are watching you now. They can’t take it anymore,” the woman added, as if referring to like-minded people in the gallery.

A Jewish citizen also spoke, sounding choked up at one point when he said the Christian holiday was a “time of peace” for him.

Another later said that the officials had exposed their mistake by not planting the tree in the first place, but at the same time hoped that it would go unnoticed.

“Thank you, [library branch manager Lisa] Desmond said something,” she said. – Thanks, the baby turtle got the story. Fortunately, Jesse Watters picked up the story. The local media – everyone picked up the story.”

“And now you’re sitting on a pile of garbage that you made for yourself.”

Endicott Branch Library in Dedham, Mass.

Endicott Branch Library in Dedham, Mass.
(Fox News/Jesse Watters Primetime)

Another resident later spoke up and said that if she had small children, she would move because of the conflict.

“None of you dared to stand up and do the right thing,” he said. “You embarrassed us all on the tree.”

In a statement Monday, the library’s director called the initial decision not to display the Christmas tree the result of an “ongoing review of all of our holiday decorations and displays that began in the spring.”

“What’s played out on social media has unfortunately had a negative impact on our staff and our community, and frankly, it’s before we even start decorating for the season,” the director said, confirming the trees will now go up.

Fox News’ Emma Colton contributed to this report.

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