Max Scherzer incident latest in Joe Girardi’s season of anger


The 2021 season has been an interesting one for Joe Girardi.

The former Yankees manager, who was fired after the 2017 season because the team lacked “connectivity and communication,” certainly made this season known of his feelings with the Phillies.

And those feelings are mostly anger.

Girardi took the job for the Phillies ahead of the 2020 season after the Mets chose to hire Carlos Beltrán after a lengthy interview process.

The season before Girardi was hired, Philadelphia went 81–81 and didn’t quite get him over the hump. Philadelphia finished 28-32 in the pandemic-less 2020 season and are 34-36 so far this season.

However, a middling record has not been short on Girardi highlights.

Sticky Shazer Battle

On Tuesday night, the 56-year-old requested umpires to check the Nationals’ Max Scherzer for illegal sticky substances because Girardi thought it was “suspicious” that the ace touched his hair. The check took place in the middle of the fourth inning and was Scherzer’s third check of the game.

Joe Girardik
Joe Girardi has fought with many players and umpires this season.
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After the fifth inning, the pitcher looked at Girardi, who responded by shouting at the opposing dugout and waving his hands wildly. After this Girardi was immediately taken out of the game.

While the captain claims there was no malicious intent, the three-time Cy Young Award winner felt otherwise, making fun of Girardi by grabbing his gloves and hat, in case the manager needed another check.

“I’m not playing the game, I’m trying to win the game here,” Girardi said. “I have respect for what Max has done in his career, but I have to do what’s right for our team.”

no you’re outta here

In the April 26 game against the Cardinals, Girardi was dropped, but only after ousting pitcher Genesis Cabrera and an umpire – he has no right to call.

Cabrera’s first pitch, a 97-mph delivery, hit Phillies right fielder Bryce Harper Squire in the face. Harper had to leave the sport due to his injuries. Cabrera’s forward pitch, at 94 mph, shortened Didi Gregorius’ ribs.

After the second incident a warning was issued to both teams by the umpire, who pushed Girardi over the edge and prompted him to act.

The umpires hurried to get Girardi out, who was forced back into the dugout as he continued to yell at the umpires. As he left the game, Girardi shouted, “Throw the ball over the f-king plate” toward Cabrera.

in his own dugout

Girardi’s vitriol has also been shot towards his own players. During a May 16 game against the Blue Jays, Jean Segura was stopped by bench coach Dusty Wathan in a dugout fight with Girardi. At the bottom of the seventh inning, Segura made his second mistake of the night, causing controversy.

The captain refused to answer any questions about the fight. “Next question,” said Girardi. “I’m not going to talk about it. Next question. You have a baseball question? Ask me a baseball question.”


Perhaps the most bizarre decision of Girardi’s season involved no shouting, or even a disapproval. Prior to the May 25 game against the Marlins, Girardi lied about the possibility of Harper pinching for a “competitive advantage”. However, reporters reported that Harper was not even wearing a jersey in the dugout.

After being asked about his decision, Girardi announced that the Phillies would establish a policy where they would not disclose any information prior to a game.

“Just so you guys know: we’re going to take it apart,” Girardi said after the game, per the athletic. “I have spoken to people in my organisation. Just a manager’s decision. And I’m not going to share anything – who is available, who is not available – because I think it’s somewhat unfair to us.



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