Mayim Bialik Honors Leslie Jordan After ‘Call Me’ Final Episode Airs

Call us with a heart attack.

Mayim Bialik paid tribute to the deceased Leslie Jordan Friday after the actor’s final episode of Call Me aired on FOX.

Bialik Posted by TikTok Reflecting on the “incredibly special” time the cast and crew had before the suddenly 67-year-old actor. Died on October 24, 2022.

“About Leslie Jordan’s last episode of ‘Call Me’ that aired last night. May her memory be blessed. We miss you Leslie,” the caption reads.

“We didn’t know at the time that this was Leslie’s last episode,” Bialik said in the video, adding that “I couldn’t bring myself to watch it.”

“I’m not ready. That week was amazing because it was the first time our conversation coach led and how much fun we had.

TikTok was announced on Friday and has since received almost 554,000 views.

The show was in the middle of filming a holiday episode when Jordan died.
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In the sitcom, Bialik plays Kat, a woman who uses all her savings to open a cat cafe in Louisville, Ky., while Jordan plays a newly single gay man who works as the cafe’s head baker.

In her latest episode, “Call Me Fancy Puffenstuff,” Jordan revealed her first on-screen kiss with a man.

“She and John Griffin, who plays her boyfriend on the show, have been very clear about their appreciation for the sensitivity of our writers in writing a gay couple who really broke the news of living a real life,” the Jeopardy host said. “It was a very important episode, especially for Leslie.”

According to Bialik, the show was in the middle of filming a holiday episode when Jordan died.


About Leslie Jordan’s latest episode of Call Me that aired last night. May his memory only be a blessing. We miss you Leslie. 💕

♬ original voice – Mayim Bialik

“But for now, I just want to say that for those of you who watched and appreciated Leslie’s last episode, thank you. It was very, very special to us for a lot of reasons,” Bialik said. “You’ll be hearing more about what we decide to do with Leslie’s character in the coming weeks.”


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