Megyn Kelly says CNN’s Kaitlan Collins ‘ill-equipped’ for Trump in ‘train wreck’ town hall

Megyn Kelly, the former Fox News and NBC News anchor, has criticized CNN’s Kaitlan Collins for her “train wreck” town hall with former President Donald Trump.

Kelly, who is known for her conservative views, shared her thoughts on Collins’ performance during an appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast. She called Collins “ill-equipped” to handle Trump and accused her of showing bias against him.

“I watched the Kaitlan Collins-Trump town hall and it was a train wreck,” Kelly said. “She was ill-equipped to handle Trump. She was showing bias, and she was out of her league.”

Kelly’s comments come after Collins, who is CNN’s chief White House correspondent, faced criticism from some conservatives for her line of questioning during the town hall, which aired on CNN in July 2021.

During the event, Collins asked Trump about his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and his response to the Black Lives Matter protests that took place following the death of George Floyd.

Kelly’s comments also reflect a broader debate over the role of the media in covering Trump and other political figures. Some conservatives have accused journalists of being biased against Trump, while many in the media have argued that they are simply holding him accountable for his actions and statements.

Collins, who has been with CNN since 2017, has not responded to Kelly’s criticism. However, she has been praised by many in the media for her reporting, including her coverage of the Trump administration and the 2020 election.

In addition to her comments on Collins, Kelly also shared her thoughts on a range of other topics during her appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience,” including the #MeToo movement, cancel culture, and the state of the media.

Overall, Kelly’s criticism of Collins reflects the ongoing debate over the role of the media in covering politics, and the challenges faced by journalists in a highly polarized and divided media landscape.

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