Members of Congress troll social media with hunting photos after Sen. Daines was put in ‘Twitter jail’

Several Republican members of Congress took to Twitter on Tuesday to defend GOP Sen. Steve Dennis of Montana after the social media giant locked him out of his account for allegedly displaying “graphic violence” with a profile picture that I was shown a recent hunt with his wife.

Twitter’s decision drew outrage from Republicans in both the Senate and House, some of whom are in Congress — including South Dakota’s GOP Sen. Mike Rounds, GOP Rep. Matt Rosendale of Montana, and GOP Rep. Kelly Armstrong of North Dakota — sharing their hunt. Photos on the platform.

Dennis’ account was reinstated on Tuesday afternoon, and the senator thanked Elon Musk for recognizing that his photo was similar to victim photos that Americans regularly post.

“This is our Montana way of life and we’re proud of it. I’m glad Elon Musk recognizes that,” Dennis said. Statement After restoring his account.

Sen. Dennis hits back after Twitter suspends his account over victim photo: ‘My wife is a great shot’

Sen. Rep. Steve Dennis, R-Mont., was banned from his Twitter account Monday after posting a photo of the victim with his wife. Twitter alleged that the image violated its media policies on “graphic violence”. (Sens. Steve Dennis, Joshua Roberts via Getty Images)

In solidarity with Dennis, Sean Rounds has changed his Twitter profile picture to a photo of himself standing next to his family from a previous hunt he took part in.

“Hey @ElonMusk – Why is Twitter putting @SteveDaines in Twitter Jail,” Rounds questioned in a tweet directed at Twitter CEO Elon Musk. “A good shot for his wife? I guess since I updated my profile picture, I better change myself.”

Twitter CEO Elon Musk addressed the situation on Tuesday, promising that the issue would be resolved.

“This is being fixed,” Musk wrote in a Twitter post. “The policy against showing blood in profile pictures is being modified to ‘clearly show blood without clicking on profile pictures.’ to avoid being forced to look at horrible profile pictures”. .

“I hear @Twitter has a problem with hunting photos. They clearly haven’t been to Montana,” Rosendale, who represents the state’s 2nd congressional district, wrote in a tweet.

Similarly, Armstrong showed support for Dennis, sharing a photo of himself and others who took part in a “once-in-a-lifetime” moose hunt in North Dakota.

“Once in a lifetime North Dakota moose tag,” Armstrong, who represents North Dakota’s largest congressional district, wrote. “It was a wonderful hunt with great friends. The freezer is full.”

TWITTER LOCKS EN. Steve Dennis’ account of the ‘graphic violence’ on the victim’s photo

Defending the photo shared on Twitter, Dennis said on Tuesday, “My wife is a great shot. What can I say?”

Dines’ press secretary Rachel Dimke also defended the photo in a statement to Fox, noting that the senator’s team will work with Twitter to “fix it.”

“The senator believes it is ridiculous that a photo of him and his wife hunting — an activity that is part of the Montana lifestyle — would be against Twitter’s rules. Our team has reached out to Twitter, And we’re going to work to get it. It’s settled.”

Other members of Congress who were outraged by Twitter’s decision to suspend Danes’ account took to the social media platform to express their dismay at the decision, concluding that Danes should not be censored. Because people disagree with this post.

Sharing the photo that led to Daines’ account suspension, GOP Rep. Ryan Zinke, who represents Montana’s 1st Congressional District, wrote: “This is the family photo that landed @SteveDaines in Twitter Jail. Put in. Stop censoring our Montana lifestyle. Great shot, Cindy!

“For those living in San Francisco and elsewhere…hunting is conservation,” Zinke wrote in a separate tweet.

“Ridiculous. My friend @SteveDaines is in @Twitter jail for posting this pic with his wife Cindy. If you don’t like hunting, fine, don’t go, but don’t censor others who disagree. And I am. I believe that’s a formal job responsibility for a senator from Montana!” Sen. Ted CruzR-Texas., wrote in a post using the tag #FreeSteveDaines.

Georgia GOP Rep. Buddy Carter also raised the issue of the suspension of an account belonging to Dines.

“Hunting animals is not torture, it’s how people have fed their families for millions of years,” said Carter, who represents the state’s 1st Congressional District. “If Twitter thinks it needs to censor this photo, just wait until it hears where the chicken nuggets come from…”

Twitter’s sensitive media policy states that certain images may be removed, including photos or videos “that depict excessively graphic or gruesome content related to death,” including “the torture or killing of animals.” (AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)

of Twitter Sensitive media policy States that certain images may be removed, including images or video that “depicts excessively graphic or gruesome material related to death,” including “torture or killing of animals.” The guidelines also state that exceptions to the policy may include “religious sacrifice, food preparation or processing, and hunting.”

Twitter did not respond to an inquiry regarding the suspension of Dennis’ account.

Taylor Penley and Aubrey Speedy of Fox News contributed to this article.

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