Michael Carrick responds to Paul Scholes and says he should be fired


Michael Carrick has boldly responded to Paul Scholes, saying he had to be sacked after Ole Gunnar Soulszare was sacked at Manchester United.

Carrick has been placed on temporary stewardship of Man United until he is appointed interim manager for the remainder of the club.

He took his first game as head of charge on Tuesday with a win over Villarreal in the Champions League.

However, before taking his place in the dug-out, Scholes ruthlessly slammed Carrick for remaining in the club after the Norwegian was dismissed.

At BT Sport, Scholes said: “I think they put a lot of faith in Michael, Kieran and Mike Phelan with Ole. That’s why they shouldn’t be in the club now.

“They are all good friends and they are good people. But if I were them, I would feel guilty if I was working in a club after having so much faith in Ole.

“I am embarrassed to be on staff now after what happened to Ole.

“While on the staff and preparing the team tonight, they all had to go. They trusted him every week to prepare the Ole team for the games.

Also, after guiding Man United’s victory over Villarreal, Carrick Scholes dismissed his comments.

He said: “This is not a major result for me personally, it is important for the players and the club.

“This is an important result for the players, not about me by any stretch tonight.

“It was obviously an emotional few days. Ed was the first person I talked to after that [Woodward] This character asked me to ole, I thought it was the right thing for me to see what they thought of it.

Next up is Carrick’s Man United, a Premier League match at Chelsea on Sunday.



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