Michael Strahan: Aaron Rodgers can be Jets’ ‘missing piece’, thrive in New York

PHOENIX – Michael Strahan believes Aaron Rodgers will be a good fit for the Jets and New York.

“Aaron Rodgers has a big-city type of atmosphere,” Strahan said at the Fox press conference. “He can.

“I think the Jets have a great young receiving corps, they have a running game, I think their defense. I think if they’re a team that could be the missing piece, that’s a good one. I don’t think he wants to go to a team where he’s trying to figure out what he is. The Jets got a passionate coach. [Robert Saleh]too.”

Strahan was asked if he thought Rogers, a West Coast guy, would like New York.

“I think he’s going to love New York, yeah,” Strahan said. “Who wouldn’t love New York.”

Some people are afraid of New York.

“Yeah, I don’t think Aaron Rodgers is really afraid of anything,” Strahan said. “He’s as cool and cool and can handle any situation as anybody. I just think he wants to win, obviously, I think he wants to be in a situation where he’s happy and Feel appreciated.

“And I think New York will definitely show that.”

Aaron Rogers
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The giants
Former Giant and TV personality Michael Strahan talks to Giants defensive end Kevin Thibodeaux in January.
Charles Wenzelberg / The New York Post

Rodgers is deciding whether he wants to continue playing. If he does, it won’t be in Green Bay, barring a change of heart from management that appears poised to force him out of the conference.

Former Packers receiver Deonte Adams is trying to get him to Las Vegas. Strahan thinks the Big Apple won’t be a roll of the dice for Aaron Rodgers.

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