Milwaukee parents blame liberal district attorney’s lax bail laws for son’s car crash death

Milwaukee parents have blamed liberal District Attorney John Chisholm for their son’s death, arguing that if bail laws were stricter, he would still be alive today.

Jackie Lamont Peer and Nicole Baird joined “Fox & Friends First” to discuss the disappearance of their son, 20-year-old Danari Peer, and why Chisholm’s soft approach to crime was to blame for his death.

“If someone can prove that they have a criminal habit, especially when the charges are pending, there should be no bail for that,” Peer told Ashley Strohmier. “Part of those charges were bailable felonies.”


“I’m all for giving someone a chance, but if that person shows that those opportunities are being wasted, I think they should be tougher and bail or bail should not be significantly increased,” he said. continued. – Danari didn’t get a second chance.

Danari was killed in October when he was in the passenger seat of a car traveling at 109 mph and crashed into a tree.

Danari Peer, 20, died in a car accident in October 2021

The driver of the vehicle, Jai’Quann McMurtry, was on bail at the time of the accident. He has been arrested on three previous drug and weapons charges.

“He had a $500 bill in that cash, and then they gave him a $1,000 signature note. So it was basically $500, and he was at home, he didn’t have any ankle control or any control and he was allowed to walk the streets and is actually doing the same thing now,” said Peer.

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The couple said they “definitely” believe their son would be alive if McMurtry had been behind bars at the time of Danari’s death.

Byrd said she has reached out to Chisholm’s office to seek justice, but has had no luck getting a response.

Milwaukee County Attorney JOHN T. CHISHOLM

Milwaukee County Attorney JOHN T. CHISHOLM

Peer said McMurtry currently remains at home despite facing six charges.

They range from reckless homicide to jail jumping and driving without a license.

“I try not to think about that part because I miss my son so much,” Peer said. “But it’s disgusting … to know that they’re dealing with him … with gentle hands … to allow them to go to the funeral of someone he’s not related to,” Peer said. “He had a list of requests and wishes, and it seems like they’re just giving him what he wants, and at the same time, telling us what’s fair.”

Byrd says she misses her son’s love the most, months after his tragic death.

“I miss her hugs and kisses,” Byrd said. “Even though he’s 20 years old… We’re a very loving family, so he always gave me and his dad hugs and kisses… I miss him.”

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