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The “Dude With Sign” Instagram account is known for its humorous, yet pointed, signs held up by a man named Seth Phillips. Phillips has gained a large following on the social media platform for his signs which range from comments on current events to everyday grievances.

However, Phillips is making headlines for a different reason now. It turns out that the “Dude With Sign” is suing multiple brands for alleged copyright infringement. Phillips is claiming that the companies have used his image without his permission, and is seeking damages.

So far, the list of brands being sued by Phillips includes fast-food chain Arby’s, cereal company Kellogg’s, and clothing retailer Forever 21. Phillips claims that each of these companies used his image in their advertising without his permission.

In the case of Arby’s, Phillips alleges that the company used a photo of him holding a sign that read “Meat Is Gross” in an advertisement for their sandwiches. Similarly, Phillips claims that Kellogg’s used a photo of him holding a sign that read “Cereal Killer” in an advertisement for their cereal. And in the case of Forever 21, Phillips alleges that the company used a photo of him holding a sign that read “I’m not a model” in an advertisement for their clothing.

Phillips is seeking damages from each of these companies, claiming that they have profited off his image without his permission. It remains to be seen how the lawsuits will play out, but they have certainly brought attention to the issue of image rights in the social media age.

The “Dude With Sign” has become a cultural phenomenon in recent years, with Phillips even appearing on “The Ellen Show” and “The Tonight Show” to discuss his signs. However, it seems that Phillips is now fighting to protect his brand and image in a new way. The lawsuits against these major companies will likely have an impact on how brands use social media influencers and their content going forward.

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