Morrissey is “quickly coming around to that belief” that Capitol is “sabotaging” his new album

Morrissey has said he’s starting to think his former label Capitol Records is deliberately “sabotaging” his new album ‘Bonfire Of Teenagers’.

Morrissey “voluntarily” left the record label, as well as his management, just before Christmas 2022 after signing with it last year. He was dropped by BMG in 2020, when he released his latest album ‘I’m Not a Dog on a Chain’.

Today (February 7) Morrissey has claimed his. website That Capitol is refusing to release ‘Bonfire of Teenagers’ or return the album. His statement also indicated that he believed the label had signed him for the express purpose of sabotaging the album’s release.

“Morrissey is ‘very diverse’ for Universal Music Group,” the statement read. “Capitol Records (Los Angeles), after all, will not be releasing Morrissey’s 2021 album ‘Bonfire of Teenagers.'” Meanwhile, Capitol Records (Los Angeles) is holding onto the album.

“Although Morrissey is officially signed to Capitol Records Los Angeles, there is no mention of Morrissey on Capitol’s website or on their artist roster.

“Morrissy has said that while he doesn’t believe that Capitol Records in Los Angeles signed ‘Bonfire of Teenagers’ to sabotage him, he is quickly coming around to that belief.”

NME Capital Records has been contacted for comment.

Morrissey performing in 2020.
Morrissey performing in 2020. Credit: Joe Hale/Reference

Site then linked to one Middle post By writer Fiona Dodwell on why Morrissey’s unsigned status “proves the lack of real diversity in music”.

“They have been constantly criticized and crucified in the press for being outspoken and brazen. Seen in this light, it seems that being ‘diverse’ these days really means adapting – or Rejection is to be faced. You can be diverse, but only in that way, not in the way, ‘the small print looks like,'” Dodwell wrote.

The article echoed Morrissey’s earlier comments on diversity initiatives in the arts and wider culture. Morrissey recently said that diversity is “just another word for compatibility”.

He also recently hit back at “cancellation asses” who believed Miley Cyrus was asked to drop a song they collaborated on because of her political views.

Miley knew all about me when she came to sing ‘I’m Veronica’ about two years ago. She walked into the studio already singing. She was a volunteer. I didn’t ask him to join. His professionalism was astounding, his voices a joy to behold,” Morrissey wrote in his book ‘When You Are Ears’ blog post.

He then explained that Cyrus asked to be removed for “reasons unrelated to me” due to a major feud with a key figure in ‘The Circle.’ I don’t have any details about the private fight. Can’t because it’s all private,” he wrote.

Morrissey is set to embark on a European headline tour next month, culminating with a date at London’s Eventum Apollo. View the full itinerary below and purchase your tickets. Here.


08- Paris-Sales-Palle, France
09 – Paris-Sales-Palle, France
12 – Lyon Amphitheatre, France
13 – Strasbourg-Salé Erisme, France
15 – Antwerp Stadtschauburg Theatre, Belgium
16 – Brussels Bozar Theatre, Belgium
19 – Eventum Apollo, London

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