Music Venue Trust and The National Lottery announce 150 Eurovision Legacy gigs across the UK

The Music Venue Trust (MVT) and The National Lottery have announced plans for 150 gigs across the UK, as part of the Eurovision Legacy project. The initiative aims to support grassroots music venues that have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The 150 gigs, which will take place between 17th June and 17th July 2023, coincide with the Eurovision Song Contest, which will be held in Liverpool this year. The MVT has partnered with local promoters to organise the gigs in cities and towns across the UK.

The Eurovision Legacy project was launched in 2019 by the MVT, and aims to support grassroots music venues in the UK. The project is funded by The National Lottery, and has so far supported over 40 venues across the country.

The project has taken on a new significance in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has forced many venues to close their doors permanently. The MVT has been campaigning for greater government support for grassroots venues, and the Eurovision Legacy project is part of its wider efforts to secure the future of the UK’s live music scene.

The 150 gigs will feature a range of artists from across the UK, covering a variety of genres. The gigs will take place in venues of all sizes, from small bars and clubs to larger theatres and arenas.

Commenting on the initiative, Mark Davyd, CEO of the MVT, said: “The Eurovision Legacy project is all about supporting grassroots music venues and the communities they serve. We’re delighted to be working with The National Lottery to bring 150 gigs to cities and towns across the UK, giving music fans the chance to enjoy live music once again and supporting venues that have been hit hard by the pandemic.”

The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the world’s largest music events, with an estimated global audience of over 180 million viewers. The UK has a strong history in the competition, having won it a total of five times.

The Eurovision Legacy project is an opportunity to celebrate the UK’s vibrant music scene and support the venues that make it possible. With live music set to return to the UK in the coming months, the project is a timely reminder of the importance of grassroots venues to the country’s cultural life.

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