Musk deserves a medal for revealing how the Biden campaign, the FBI and the media censored the Hunter Biden scandal.

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With the 2020 presidential race just weeks away, the discovery of Hunter Biden’s laptop has seriously threatened Joe Biden’s chances of being elected. The incriminating emails in it provided compelling evidence of father-son-son influence-peddling schemes involving foreign actors paying millions of dollars to gain access.

So Biden’s campaign team and Democrats — with major support from partisans at the FBI — pressured social media giant Twitter to block the story.

The tech company’s largely liberal employees happily surrendered. They came up with the ridiculous excuse that the laptop was “broken”, banned any mention of it on their site, suspended the New York Post account that broke the story, and shared it those who dared to do so were punished by being kicked out of Twitter. These shameful actions constitute unjustified censorship at its worst. And it worked. Like charm. Biden was elected.


Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, has now wisely decided to lift the veil of privacy known as the “Twitter Files.” They expose the machinations of those who suppressed the story at the behest and behest of others. They are an important window into how powerful figures have dominated America’s main social media platform to suppress scandal. Musk should be commended for his efforts at transparency to restore the trust that has been eroded.

Billionaire industrialist Elon Musk took over Twitter in late October and promptly fired several top executives.
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The Twitter documents offer a damning indictment of how the company’s top executives made content moderation decisions to protect and protect Biden in favor of a political rival they hated.

The communications show that Twitter acted on various censorship demands from the Biden presidential campaign. There was no reliable evidence that the laptop had been tampered with.

Russia was not involved. Newly released files prove that Twitter officials are well aware of this and are expressing internal concerns. Yet they cling to this false pretense because James Baker, the company’s deputy general counsel, encouraged them to do so.

Newly released files prove that Twitter officials are well aware of this and are expressing internal concerns. Yet they cling to this false pretense because James Baker, the company’s deputy general counsel, encouraged them to do so.

Baker, you’ll recall, is the same biased character who helped fuel the Russian collusion hoax while serving as the FBI’s general counsel. He was an enthusiastic conduit for the anti-Trump smears concocted by Hillary Clinton and her confederates. Under the leadership of Baker, James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok, the bureau became a cesspool of corruption.

They spied on the Trump campaign, lied to federal court to obtain illegal warrants, and relentlessly investigated allegations that the agency had already discredited and/or condemned but covered up. Armed with lies, they worked cynically to get Trump out of office. It was a natural fit for Baker to join Twitter. His tenure there also gave the agency an insider on social media.

In the Twitter files, you won’t find any emails from the FBI urging the platform to retract the laptop story. Bureau officials were smarter than that. Instead, they met privately with the company’s executives and warned them in advance to expect a fake story about Hunter Biden from the hacked materials.

How did the FBI know to issue a false alarm? They were not intelligent; had special knowledge. The agency seized the laptop in December 2019. They looked it up, found out it was legit, and were shocked at its incendiary value. They rightly feared that its contents, if fully disclosed, would damage Biden’s electoral prospects.

The FBI also spied on Rudy Giuliani, who had a copy of the laptop and was about to publish it. So the agency came up with a way to trick Twitter in advance to convince them to censor the upcoming event, and did so immediately.

The FBI’s unscrupulous role in burying the laptop details was confirmed in a statement signed by Yoel Roth, Twitter’s former head of site integrity, and reported exclusively by the New York Post.

This was also confirmed by FBI Supervisory Special Agent Elvis Chan during his testimony in a censorship lawsuit brought by two state attorneys general, and again reported by the Post. It was Chan who arranged secret meetings with Twitter and Facebook to push the story.

Government censorship, whether overt or covert, is a violation of the First Amendment. This violates the freedoms of speech and the press, as stipulated in the Bill of Rights of our Constitution. While a public or private company is not subject to such restrictions, the government has restrictions at all levels. This includes acting as a proxy for the FBI to manipulate or coerce companies into carrying out otherwise prohibited censorship.

While Twitter may not be liable for First Amendment violations, it is morally culpable for trampling on the very spirit and foundation of our sacred free speech rights.

To his great credit, Democratic Congressman Ro Hanna of Silicon Valley made the argument to Twitter executives when the story broke.

He complained that the platform’s censorship “seems to violate 1st Amendment principles.” Hannah was right. Valued principles were at stake. But Twitter saw through it and refused to give up.

Of course, there were other smart accessories that actively covered the story of the laptop. An unscrupulous group of 51 former intelligence officials, including John Brennan, James Clapper, Michael Morell, Leon Panetta and Mike Hayden, wrote an open letter declaring that the laptop emails contained “all the classic hallmarks of a Russian intelligence operation.” The statement itself was disinformation.


None of the 51 signatories checked the letters or the laptop. They just made it up. Since then, none of them deserve an apology or a retraction of their baseless claims. Their sole purpose was to protect Biden from the truth. Three days later, Biden himself echoed them as gospel during a landmark presidential debate with Trump.

The mainstream media also supported and supported candidate Biden. They did their best to brush off or ignore the incident, never bothering to verify the laptop’s authenticity or confirm its contents. Reporters from the major networks and the nation’s leading newspapers were so determined to help get Biden elected that they called it non-scandalous, fake news and…yes…Russian disinformation. It was too much media gone wrong. None of them care about things like fairness and justice. These are just inconveniences.

Seventeen months after the story broke, The New York Times finally acknowledged that the laptop was real. So did The Washington Post, voluntarily. A few months later, NBC News followed suit. It took CBS more than two years to do the same.

Surprisingly, many journalists did not want to know the truth. Their epic failure is a shameful testament to the political bigotry that infects today’s press.

No wonder the media viciously attacked the Twitter files, Elon Musk, and Matt Taibbi, the journalist who reviewed and summarized the documents. Instead of thinking about their own moral bankruptcy—if not incompetence—they want to shoot the whistleblowers.

It is common for political campaigns to lobby journalists for favorable coverage. In today’s pervasive social media environment, technology platforms often become lobbying targets. In fact, Twitter files show that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has asked conservative critics like actor James Woods to be deleted from its site. Twitter followed suit and banned others named on the DNC hit list. The Biden campaign used similar pressure tactics and went overboard when the laptop incident happened.

If these censorship demands were to continue under the new administration after Joe Biden took office — as the Twitter messages suggest — it would be a gross violation of the First Amendment.

Congress has a duty to investigate whether the president and his aides have dismantled the Constitution for political gain.


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