Musk-Taibbi outcry over ‘Twitter files’ dump has exposed the media as real ‘bots,’ some critics say

The mainstream media’s nearly identical response to reporter Matt Taibbi’s internal Twitter file collection authorized by Elon Musk, detailing the censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story, identified the real “bots” as the press itself, Greg Gutfeld said on The Five on Monday.

Gutfeld said that NBC journalist-pundit Ben Collins and all the other media outlets had suggested that Taibbi was doing “PR for the richest man in the world.”

Other pundits have accused Taibbi of opposing the progressive journalism that made him famous during the 2011 Occupy Wall Street protests, because they see Musk as an anti-establishment figure.

Gutfeld suggested a sudden barrage from the media aimed at Taibbi and Musk, and the left still opened its eyes.


Elon Musk and Matt Taibbi released the “Twitter Files” on Friday, revealing internal communications between Twitter employees and US lawmakers surrounding the NY Post’s censorship of Hunter Biden’s laptop.
(Fox News)

“The real story about the allegation that Matt Taibbi is doing PR for Musk is not a story. It’s a cut and paste story,” he said. “It was the same response from dozens of checkers who said the same thing. ‘He’s working for Musk.'”

“That’s another thing we’ve always suspected to be true,” Gutfeld added. “And now it’s being investigated that there are marching orders. We don’t know where they came from. But there were some tweets; all these people were sent the sentence that he’s doing PR for the richest people in the world. He’s a guy that’s popping up all over the place.”

Gutfeld said Musk’s Twitter revelation relies on “imaginary numbers” that the media use to support or contradict their message. If anyone challenges this message, they are actually pressured to back down.

“It’s a form of self-censorship — creating a crowd that’s like, ‘Oh my god, these people all feel the same way,'” he said.


Former Rolling Stone reporter Matt Taibbi released the “Twitter Files” at the same time on Friday.
(Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage/Getty Images)

This shows that the press does not make up such stories, he said, but the Democratic Party or some other left-wing organization is spreading the news.

“The media now operate as bots. NBC disinformation reporters [are] bot. Ben Collins is a bot. What he tweeted was tweeted everywhere. How funny that a disinformation expert is a disinformation bot himself. He must call himself. He can be promoted,” joked “Gutfeld!” the initiator.

Later, Judge Janine Pirro added that the many media outlets that parroted the same message against Musk and Taibbi should be condemned.

He pointed to former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele, who claimed on MSNBC that he would return some of the censored information to Twitter.[es] with the argument that [Musk] it’s all about freedom of speech.”

Pirro ripped the former Maryland lieutenant governor and asked when free speech can be classified as being done “to the detriment or expense of another.”

Greg Gutfeld June 8, 2022 Five

Greg Gutfeld June 8, 2022 Five
(Fox News)

“Why do we have libel laws? If it hurts you, sue. And then let’s see if I did it right. Everything we’ve been talking about since October 2020 is now. [about Joe Biden’s alleged connection to Hunter’s business dealings]It’s old news, according to the White House press secretary, he said.

“So in 2020, the story is censored, any discussion is censored. The FBI warns Twitter in weekly meetings… How easy would it be to confirm that this laptop is legitimate and that the emails on it are legitimate? They they didn’t. to want.”

“Didn’t it occur to them, that’s why [New York] Do they know the libel laws because this thing was published? They wouldn’t have announced it, but to show that it wasn’t slander,” Pirro concluded.

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