Musk’s Twitter outbursts continue. The social media company was a giant conservative censorship machine

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Like the episodic series, the second installment, called The Twitter Files, dropped Thursday night. It should be called “The Blacklist”. It’s just as amazing and incredible as the fictional version on TV. Also, the tale of Twitter is true. And disgusting.

Despite repeated denials by Twitter executives over the years, it has emerged that the social media company is doing what many critics suspected — secretly blacklisting conservatives to reduce or disappear from their powerful platform. made up They did not engage in responsible content moderation as they claimed. No, they cleverly devised a system to forget the content.

If you dare to offer information or opinion that Twitter’s progressive elites disagree with or challenge, your tweets will become a cyber black hole. Your followers will start to decrease in a strange way. Any ideas and opinions that did not fit the orthodoxy of Twitter’s awakened ideological purity were suppressed. It has become a punitive censorship machine that enforces its fictitious and corrupt norms with brute force.


How many times have we heard Twitter insist that it never “banned shade”? It was a lie. They don’t like the term, so they just came up with a new one called “view filtering”. Techies love to invent new things, even if it’s a hack or a trick. In this case, it was the same thing masquerading as different jargon.

Before Musk, Twitter was a major contributor to the terrible erosion of free speech in America. Over time, it became a sad monument of narrow-minded intolerance. Imperial leaders were morally and intellectually corrupt. They have deprived people of the opportunity to engage in discourse or vigorous debate that they might want to hear. This was against the principles of freedom of thought. This unlimited power allowed them to punish political enemies and protect partisan allies. They did it with impunity and without regard for the public interest.

Perhaps the new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, can correct the listing. His actions since the first episode of the Twitter Files a week ago suggest he can. In an extraordinary display of strength and determination, he chased away a sly fox in the Twitter henhouse.


James Baker was caught with a feather in his mouth in October 2020 when he learned that Twitter owner Elon Musk was instrumental in censoring a story about his deputy general counsel Hunter Biden’s laptop. Baker was immediately fired. But that’s not all.

Musk also revealed that Baker may have tried to cover it up by purging Twitter files before last weekend’s release. Ironically, it was Baker who secretly “vetted” them before turning them over to reporters Matt Taibbi and Barry Weiss — code for deleting incriminating records. Twitter executives, including Musk, had no idea what Baker was doing.

Weiss said her “jaw hit the floor” when she found Baker’s smudged fingerprints in the files. It took over internal Twitter documents it had coughed up to review and report on Musk’s orders. Given Baker’s involvement in the original (and misguided) suppression of a high-profile story damaging to then-candidate Joe Biden, Baker should have been the last person at the social media company allowed anywhere near Twitter’s files.


After Baker was shown the door on Dec. 6, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey deleted a tweet suggesting that all Twitter files should be “publicly unfiltered and let people judge for themselves.” Of course Dorsey could have done it himself when he ran the platform. But it took courage. Instead, he tried in vain to appease critics with excuses and empty accusations of the company’s illegal censorship.

James Baker was fired by the new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk.

Musk immediately responded to Dorsey’s salvo by advising that “the most important information has been withheld (from you) and some may have been deleted, but everything we find will be released.” It was a very subtle way of dismissing Dorsey as chronically uneducated. Not needed. It was established a long time ago. But it was also a sign that Musk suspected Baker of cleaning up Twitter’s files to cover up an ugly truth. This probably explains why there is no mention of FBI shenanigans anywhere in the files. The documents seemed to be thoroughly cleaned.

The blunder in hiring Baker falls squarely on Dorsey’s shoulders. Baker’s history in the FBI cell can be described as a “profile in corruption”. Baker previously played a key role in fueling the Russia collusion farce as the bureau’s chief counsel during his crooked Comey tenure. He considered the fake reference to be a revelation and the Alpha-Server scam to be gospel, knowing full well that it was all an insidious fiction.

He was friends with Hillary’s lawyer, Michael Sussman, who fed Baker a lot of anti-Trump garbage. Baker was also knee-jerk in the development of the FISA court’s illegal spying warrants. His leaks to the media were done to smear Trump with lies. These shenanigans eventually landed Baker under investigation. So he took his taxpayer-funded pension and fled the Hoover Building altogether.

Baker’s lucky landing on Twitter in June 2020 proved politically useful. He was a card-carrying, Trump hater. So were the tech giant’s management and employees at the time. His machinations as the lead attorney for FBI Director James Comey’s merry band of miscreants offered a match made in partisan heaven. Twitter welcomed Baker with open arms. The FBI must have loved it too. This gave the bureau an operational edge and a platform’s control room months before the presidential election. How convenient.

But in terms of qualifications, Baker’s arrival on Twitter was a nod. Its origins are in intelligence operations (ie, espionage) and national security. Information technology? Cyber ​​networks? His resume is visibly thin. Remember, Baker is old school. It’s a 1960s ad for Brooks Brothers. Did you know … Smith-Corona is more comfortable on a typewriter than on a computer. According to him, one spam is fake meat in a jar. Boots not for tots?

It doesn’t matter. His FBI rolodex is jammed with useful idiots. And smart guys too. People who incite political mischief and peddle disinformation while chewing gum at the same time. So it’s no surprise that Baker’s previous employer worked with Twitter to quickly kill off the laptop story as a false warning about a “hack and leak” scheme.

FBI agent Elvis Chan held weekly meetings with Twitter in the two months leading up to the 2020 presidential election, as noted in my last column. He warned that Russians (it’s always Russians, you know) are “targeting individuals associated with political campaigns” to spread disinformation on social media platforms, including Twitter. In a sworn statement, Joel Roth, Twitter’s former head of site integrity, recalled that Hunter Biden was singled out by the FBI.

Naturally, this was a false pretext for Twitter to kill off the damning laptop evidence released by the New York Post that Hunter Biden, with the help of his father, obtained from foreign sources in exchange for promises of access and influence. pocketed millions of dollars. Suppressing the story may have tipped the election in Joe’s favor.


There was never any tampering. It was a clever plot. The laptop and its smoking gun lineup was the real deal. Twitter executives were aware of this and expressed internal concerns, the emails show. But Baker supported the censorship instigated by his old home, the FBI.

Naturally, this was a false pretext for Twitter to kill off the damning laptop evidence released by the New York Post that Hunter Biden, with the help of his father, obtained from foreign sources in exchange for promises of access and influence. pocketed millions of dollars. Suppressing the story may have tipped the election in Joe’s favor.

You won’t be surprised to learn that Baker and Chan have worked together before during the Trump botched investigation, the Crossfire Hurricane known as the “Russia Lies.” You’ll find the information buried on page 239 of Chan’s declaration in a censorship lawsuit filed by two state attorneys general. It was a comfortable group – Baker, Chan, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. The usual suspects. The tentacles of the deep state stretch from Washington to Silicon Valley.

What Twitter never counted on was Musk. The criminals on the site thought their political manipulation could go on forever. They never imagined that an iconoclast businessman would raise $44 billion to upset the apple cart and expose the mastermind behind targeting Republicans and boosting Democrats.

For too long, it was too easy. With the click of a few simple buttons, angry conservatives like actor James Woods could disappear overnight. Clever algorithms made any disparaging stories about the Bidens disappear. Positive things have risen. It was windy. Censorship reigned supreme on Twitter.

Hunter Biden's laptop was at the center of a Big Tech censorship campaign in 2020.

Hunter Biden’s laptop was at the center of a Big Tech censorship campaign in 2020.
(Kevin Lamarck/Reuters)

Until one day Musk appeared. He changed the integrity of the social network by firing people who ran it for nefarious purposes. He cleaned the house and, first of all, the trick was over. Well, almost. Somehow he missed Baker before it was too late. The Twitter files have been purged of perhaps the most gruesome details.

Perhaps the damage can be repaired. It is possible that the original and intact files can be recovered or resurrected. This will likely require the manual labor of tech gurus and forensics experts. In Silicon Valley, these are pretty much a dime a dozen. Sure, it costs a pretty penny, but Musk has deep pockets.

Fortunately for the American public, Twitter’s new owner has a deeper respect for the principles of free speech, fairness, and transparency. As Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis once said, “The sun is the best disinfectant.”

It takes time and effort to clean up all the dirt on Twitter. Kicking James Baker to the curb is a good start.


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