My boyfriend asked me to pay $7 for cold medicine – I saw this as a huge, red flag.

It’s cold.

A Hawaiian TikToker claims her longtime boyfriend sent her a Venmo request for $7 after she bought cold medicine when she was sick.

Jackie Lee in passing @jackieli852Â shared an amazing story on the platform viral video has been viewed nearly 5 million times since it was posted earlier this month.

The 48-second clip is in response to a TikToker’s thoughts on couples charging each other for small things.

“One time I was feeling really sick and that’s when I asked my boyfriend to buy me some cold medicine on the way home,†Lee began her nauseating story. “So after he got done, he went down to CVS and got me some DayQuil. He’s really kind, I really appreciate it.â€

TikToker Jackie Lee shared an amazing Venmo story in a viral video this month.
Tiktok @jackieli852

Lee said he drank the syrup and fell asleep. He remembered waking up to a terrible surprise.

“He Venmo me $7 for cold medicine,” she said before joking, “Okay, get your bag.”

Reflecting on the hot topic, Lee said he would prefer partners to be more cost-effective. She said she had been dating her then-unknown partner for about four years.

“I think I prefer a relationship where it’s like, ‘Hey, I’ll get this, you get this next time,’ and we don’t count our costs, dollar for dollar,” he explained. “I should have known, but you know, we’re not together anymore, so it wasn’t meant to be.”

Several TikTok users expressed sympathy for Lee in the comments with their anecdotes.

“My ex-husband once asked me to pay $2 for fries, which is embarrassing,” said one man.

“My ex venmom bought me $2.99 ​​bc of washing up liquid, when he was using my car it ran out and he had to buy more,” said another user.

“My ex of 2 years Venmoed us an avocado he wanted at the grocery store while we were shopping for dinner,†said a third user.


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