NBC blew up over Paul Pelosi’s report that blew up the mystery of Miguel Almaguer’s absence.

NBC News’ Miguel Almaguer has been off the network for a month amid “outrage” over a lack of transparency in which his scathing report about the moments before he attacked Paul Pelosi in October was retracted without explanation. .

Spending her time away from the limelight on a European vacation, Almaguer revealed on her personal Instagram account that she was in France last week and Spain the week before. Aside from a few photos of him standing in front of popular tourist spots, Almaguer’s fans and media watchers have not known what has been going on with him since he disappeared from NBC.

He last appeared on NBC News on Nov. 4, four days before the critical midterm elections, when his report suggested that Pelosi may not have been in immediate danger when police arrived at her San Francisco home the night she was attacked. That afternoon, NBC News retracted the shocking report as it went viral and pulled it from the internet — and Almaguer hasn’t appeared on NBC or MSNBC since.

Almaguer’s jet is believed to have been grounded pending an investigation, but NBC executives won’t admit that on the record. The network declined to comment on her status, including what was wrong with her report in the first place and whether she will appear on NBC News again.


NBC viewers haven’t seen Miguel Almaguer since Paul Pelosi’s report was mysteriously retracted on November 4 without clarification.
(Screenshot/NBC News)

A former NBC News executive who worked with Almaguer blasted the network, pointing to NBC’s local San Francisco affiliate reporting the same details that the national source mysteriously retracted.

“It is strange that NBC News has not released the results of its investigation. It has an obligation to its viewers to explain how the report came to be and why the network it owns has not retracted its report,” NBC News said. former leader.

“NBC News needs to come clean and put its house in order regarding the disgraceful performance of its own radio station, which contradicted its national news agency and refused to explain itself,” the source continued. “Was Miguel Almaguer reprimanded or fired? Were there consequences for NBC News executives? Is NBC News still at odds with its San Francisco station over the accuracy of the report?”


Almaguer did not respond to multiple requests for comment. His agent declined to comment. NBC News did not respond to a series of questions.

An NBC insider said newsroom management was “furious” that the story was aired. They also suggested that even a month later, there could be serious consequences for everyone involved.

“They were shocked at how it happened,” the insider said. “I really think at some point someone other than a journalist is going to have to be held accountable for this … because of how outraged they are that this happened and that all due process safeguards were somehow bypassed.”

Paul Pelosi was hospitalized on Oct. 28 with a fractured skull after hitting suspect David DePape in the head with a hammer. Almager reported that California Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband answered the door himself, but did not attempt to do so. fleeing or declaring a state of emergency before getting away from the police and returning to his ultimate assailant.

Almaguer’s report, which has since been denied, appeared to fit with theories that key details were being withheld from the public. NBC News declined to elaborate on what was wrong, other than to note that Almaguer’s report did not meet the company’s standards.

An NBC News insider previously said that word at Rockefeller Center was that Almaguer’s source was “biased,” while others believe the report was suppressed because it didn’t fit the mainstream narrative.

Some believe Almaguer will be offering periodic updates to his 11,800 Instagram followers while on vacation in Europe, looking happy as he looks to sneeze at any suspension or punishment. If he doesn’t return to NBC, posting some hilarious photos from the Eiffel Tower might be a subtle way to show that he’ll be fine.


Although Almaguer has stayed out of the public eye, Pelosi made her first public appearance since the attack on Sunday when Pelosi attended the Kennedy Center’s annual honoring event in Washington with President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and their spouses.

DePape, 42, has pleaded not guilty to federal charges in his alleged assault. He is charged with assaulting a close relative of a federal official and attempted kidnapping of a federal officer, among other state charges.

Federal charges carry up to 30 and 20 years in prison, respectively, while state charges can carry up to life in prison.

Fox News’ Anders Hagstrom contributed to this report.

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