Netflix finds appropriately sweatless stars for its Prince Andrew movie

In 2019, British royal Prince Andrew appeared on the BBC. News Night to address allegations about her relationship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and it… poor. So bad that, here in the United States, there’s a fair chance you only know who Prince Andrew is because of how badly the interview went. Among other things, Prince Andrew defended his friendship with Epstein, which apparently continued after Epstein was convicted of buying a child for prostitution in Florida in 2008, and that he dated Virginia Geoffrey. (who was underage) tried to disprove allegations of sexual abuse. at the time) referring to the particular pizza chain she visited on the night in question and insisting that she could not see him sweating because he had an unexplained medical condition at the time that caused It was impossible for him to sweat.

now, The Hollywood Reporter says that Netflix-The British royal family is no stranger to outrage.– have purchased the rights to ScoopA feature film based on interviews and how it all came together for journalist Emily Mettles. The film will be adapted from Scoops: Behind the scenes of the BBC’s most shocking interviews, a memoir by Sam McAllister (who managed to secure a bombshell interview with Prince Andrew). Philip Martin, who has worked previously. the crownwill direct.

Rufus Seoul, from the beach that turns you on. old And The Man in the High Castle, will play the completely bone-dry Prince Andrew, opposite Gillian Anderson as Metalus. From Kelly House Bodyguard Prince Andrew’s private secretary will be played by Amanda Thirsk and Billie Piper. I hate Suzy. will play McAlister — who noted that, as a first-time writer, it’s an “extraordinary cast” to work with, especially with one of his “favorite actresses” Playing the fictional version of

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